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Managing risks = Te Whakahaere tūpono

Managing risks = Te Whakehaere tūpono

The Ministry’s 2009 Statement of Intent identified the main risks to the Ministry’s performance.
This table summarises the Ministry’s management of each risk during 2009/10.


Action taken

Failure to maintain the quality of policy advice, monitoring
and other services to Ministers

In 2009/10 we increased our emphasis on improving the quality of policy advice. This also supported the government’s focus on providing better public services, producing more for less.

Loss of reputation for reliability and accuracy of Ministry-developed digital resources

Wherever possible the Ministry used subject experts to prepare material.

Performance failure at a funded organisation

An adverse economic climate increased this risk. Through funded entity reviews and performance monitoring, the Ministry proactively identified and addressed any risks to entity performance. We also delivered best-practice guidance for agency boards.

Failure to understand or meet the requirements of users
of Ministry resources

The number of visitors to the Ministry’s online resources, the increase in user-generated website content, the ease with which book publishers were obtained, and the positive response to the 28th Māori Battalion website showed that the Ministry continued to understand and meet the needs of users.

Failure to maintain and develop effective networks and robust processes for consultation with audiences

As part of its ongoing operations the Ministry conducted a number of consultation and feedback exercises with stakeholders.

Major technology failure

Improvements continued to be made to the Ministry’s technology systems, reducing exposure to technology failure. Services were delivered throughout the year without any significant disruption.

Updated on 23rd July 2015