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Public Notices

The Ministry publishes public notices calling for claims of ownership of taonga tūturu. Claims should be lodged with the Ministry within 60 working days of the public notice being published.


Pursuant to section 11 of the Protected Objects Act 1975, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage has been notified of the finding of the following taonga tūturu:

Case ref: 2022/80 (Z22314)

Māngere, Auckland 2022

  • Toki onewā (basalt adze)

Case ref: 2022/76 (Z2297-301)

Panama Road, Ōtāhuhu

  • Toki kōhatu  x 4 (stone adze)
  • Toki whatuaho (greywacke adze)

Case ref: 2022/75 (Z22266)

Glendene, Auckland

  • Toki kōhatu  (stone adze)

Case ref: 2022/74 (Z22302-303)

Ihumātao Road, Māngere

  • Toki onewā (basalt adze)
  • Toki kōhatu (stone adze)

Case ref: 2022/72 (Z22292)

Glen Eden, Auckland

  • Toki kōhatu (stone adze)

Case ref: 2022/71 (Z22262-263)

Oruarangi, Mangere

  • Pōrakaraka x 3 (ball of red ochre clay)

Case ref: 2022/70 (Z22285; 289-291)

Motukorea - Browns lsland

  • Hōrete whaiapu (chert drill point)
  • Māhē x 2 (sinker)
  • Parāoa (whalebone, part)
  • Matau Moa (Moa fishhook, part)
  • Matau (fishhook, part)
  • Whenua Moa (worked Moa bone)

Case ref: 2022/69 (Z22304)

Karioitahi, Waiuku

  • Toki kōhatu (stone adze)

Case ref: 2022/65 (Z22264)

East Tāmaki, Auckland

  • Whao kōhatu (stone chisel)

Case ref: 2022/63 (Z22295)

Pahurehure Inlet, Papakura

  • Patu whatuaho (greywacke hand weapon)

Case ref: 2022/62 (Z22310)

Northern Runway, Auckland Airport

  • Toki onewā (basalt adze)

Case ref: 2022/61 (Z22292)

Arkles Bay, Whangapāraoa

  • Toki whatuaho (greywacke adze)

Case ref: 2022/60 (Z222926)

Ihumātao Road, Mangere

  • Kuru (hammerstone)

Case ref: 2022/58 (Z22265)

Balfour Road, Parnell

  • Toki whatuaho (greywacke adze)

Case ref: 2022/49 (Z22240)

Torpedo Bay, Devonport

  • Whaiuru kōhatu (stone abrader/file)

Claims for ownership of the taonga tūturu are to be lodged with the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage claimants have until 24 April 2023 to lodge a claim. More information can be obtained from the Ministry by quoting the case reference.

teKororia Netana-Rakete

For Chief Executive

Ministry for Culture and Heritage, PO Box 5364, Wellington, ph. (04) 499 4229,


Published on 1st February 2023