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General information releases

Where there is a high degree of public interest, the Ministry may publish related information. The aim is to increase public access to the work we do.

2023 Releases

Date Reference Title
9-August Ministry Emails Details of pōwhiri for incoming Chief Executive of Ministry for Culture and Heritage (PDF 20 MB)

Find out more about the Public Service Commission sensitive expenditure review

22-May AM23/215 National Erebus Memorial – Decision-making and announcement on next steps (PDF 883 KB)
22-May Chief Executive Memo 24 April Construction of the National Erebus Memorial (PDF 511 KB)
28-April Erebus Memorial ENGEO Report Updated Geotech Engineering Report 11 April 2023 (PDF 6.5 MB)
14-April Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) Supporting Regulations for Resale Right for Visual Artist Bill (PDF 8.9 KB)



National Erebus Memorial proactive release

The following documents relating to the National Erebus Memorial project were proactively released by Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage on 28 September 2022. As the Memorial progresses, similar documents will continue to be released. They represent formal advice sent to Ministers that has been previously released under the Official Information Act. They do not include all papers where the Memorial is mentioned (for example, Status Reports to the Minister). Where papers have been withheld in full they have not been included. Redactions and withholding grounds are current as at the time of request and are consistent with the Official Information Act.

Date Reference Title


16-February BR2022/074 Proactive Release of Cabinet Material: National Erebus Memorial – Further Funding (PDF 166 KB)


21-September BR2021/528 National Erebus Memorial – Additional Funding (PDF 2.5 MB)
1-July AM2021/385 National Erebus Memorial Update (PDF 228 KB)
11-June AM2021/339 National Erebus Memorial: Update (PDF 102 KB)
21-May AM2021/224 National Erebus Memorial: Construction Delay Update (PDF 120 KB)
24-March AM2021/163 National Erebus Memorial: Situation Update (PDF 134 KB)
5-March AM2021/131 National Erebus Memorial: Construction Update (PDF 4.1 MB)
10-February AM2021/050 National Erebus Memorial: Update and Construction Timeline (PDF 423 KB)


11-June BR2019/287 National Erebus Memorial – Design update and 40th anniversary (1.6 MB)
3-April AM2018/183 National Erebus Memorial Design Announcement – 3:00pm, 5 April 2019 (PDF 2.6 MB)
14-March BR2019/111 National Erebus Memorial - Approval of Design (PDF 2.2 MB)
14-February AM2019/076 National Erebus Memorial: The Six Submitted Designs (PDF 8.8 MB)


12-December BR2018/706

Erebus Meeting 28 November: Further Follow-Up Actions (PDF 2.6 MB)

6-December BR2018/694

National Erebus Memorial: Post-Families Meeting Update (PDF 410 KB)

26-November AM2018/460

National Erebus Memorial: Meeting with families and Ice Phase members (PDF 3.8 MB)

29-October AM2018/614

Speaking Notes: Cabinet’s Consideration of Funding for the National Erebus Memorial (PDF 1.2 MB)

18-October BR2018/568 National Erebus Memorial October Progress Report (PDF 1.9 MB)
27-September BR2018/532 Draft Cabinet Paper National Erebus Memorial: Resourcing Requirements (PDF 1.1 MB)
7-September AM2018/514 Aide Memoire: National Erebus Memorial (PDF 474 KB)
23-August BR2018/471 National Erebus Memorial: August Progress Report, and Current Issues (PDF 3.1 MB)
14-June BR2018/407 National Erebus Memorial: June 2018, No 2 (PDF 1.9 MB)
7-June BR2018/335 National Erebus Memorial: June 2018 Update (PDF 1.9 MB)
15-March BR2017/164 National Erebus Memorial - Progress Report (PDF 3.5 MB)
16-February AM2018/084 Update on Meetings with Air New Zealand and Erebus Memorial Advocacy Group (PDF 1.4 MB)


18-December AM2017/521 Update on Erebus Memorial (PDF 630 KB)
24-November BR2017/470 Creating National Memorials to the 1979 Erebus Crash and other Disasters (PDF 2.7 MB)
6-June BR2017/242 Creating National Memorials To Disasters: Next Steps, For Discussion With the Prime Minister (PDF 3.8 MB)
27-April BR2017/135 Creating National Memorials To Disasters: Next Steps, For Discussion With the Prime Minister (PDF 2.5 MB)
23-March BR2017/084 Creating National Memorials: Initial Investigations Into The Case For a National Erebus Memorial (PDF 3.8 MB)


20-October AM2016/459 Aide Memoire: Proposal to Establish a National Monument (PDF 1.7 MB)

Strategic Framework for a Sustainable Media System

Published September 2022

The New Zealand media system has experienced considerable change, with the shift toward digital content, fragmenting of audience consumption and a decline of traditional revenue streams.  

The Strategic Framework for a Sustainable Media System has been developed as a roadmap for the work Manatū Taonga can do alongside the media sector to meet the challenges of this dynamic environment and support a vibrant, trusted and diverse media system.  

The Framework recognises the contributions of public media, private media, and the Government working together to promote accessible, varied content that celebrates New Zealand’s diverse communities, cultures, and stories, elevates many voices, and supports social cohesion across Aotearoa’s communities.

The Strategic Framework for a Sustainable Media System (web version)

Download as a PDF: Strategic Framework for a Sustainable Media System (PDF 49 KB)
Download Summary of the Strategic Framework A3 (PDF 207 KB)

Report on Media Plurality in New Zealand

In 2021 Manatū Taonga commissioned the Sapere Research Group to carry out research and analysis on the implications that competition and market trends will have for media plurality in New Zealand. Media plurality contributes to well-functioning democratic society by informing citizens, who are able to access and consume a diverse range of viewpoints from a variety of media organisations. Plurality can also limit the ability of any one media owner from exercising too much influence over the political process. A lack of plurality not only has implications for democratic engagement and accountability, but also can have negative consequences for a society’s cultural expression and development.

The report is the view of Sapere Research and is not government policy. The report forms one part of our policy evidence base on the current state of the media sector in New Zealand.  

Published Date  Title
February 2022 Report on Media Plurality in New Zealand (PDF 1.1 MB)


Media Support Package Review Report

In 2020, as part the Government response to COVID-19, Manatū Taonga developed the Media Support Package in consultation with the media sector, to support New Zealand media organisations through the immediate impacts of COVID-19. Manatū Taonga engaged MartinJenkins to carry out an independent review of the Media Support Package.

Published Date  Title
July 2021 Media Support Package – Retrospective Review (PDF 5 MB)


Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) research report and briefing

After taking advice and considering a research report on the issue, the Minister has decided it is more appropriate for Government to wait until it becomes clearer that adopting DAB permanently is the right decision for New Zealand. He has directed officials to maintain a watching brief on this matter and to inform him of any significant changes as they occur. This will ensure Government is well prepared to act, if and when the case for DAB becomes more compelling. The Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media decided there is not a strong case for implementing Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) in New Zealand at this time.

Published Date  Title 
16 April 2019 Final research report on DAB prepared by MartinJenkins and commissioned by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (PDF 1.3 MB)
16 April 2019 Briefing to the Minister about DAB (PDF 321 KB)

Tuia 250 Privacy Breach Information Release

Manatū Taonga, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage proactively released a number of documents relating to the Tuia Encounters 250 website, privacy breach and response on 18 December 2019.

The Final Report of the Tuia 250 Voyage Trainee Privacy Breach provided an independent review of the decisions and processes relating to the procurement and management of the Tuia 250 website and the circumstances that led to the breach of the privacy of applicants for the trainee crew programme. Manatū Taonga, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage also published its response to the recommendations of the independent report by the RDC Group Ltd.

Find out more about the Tuia 250 Privacy Breach Information Release


State Services Commission Inquiry into the use of External Security Consultants

Published Date  Title 
18 December 2018 Letter from Inquiry Head Doug Martin, to State Sector Agency Chief Executives
18 December 2018 Response from Manatū Taonga/Ministry for Culture and Heritage to SSC Inquiry

Official Information Act compliance and practice: Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture & Heritage – Office of the Ombudsman Report 

Manatū Taonga, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, welcomes the opportunity to participate in the review of Official Information Act compliance and review. We are looking to make improvements to our processes based on the advice of the Office of the Ombudsman. You can access all the reports on all agencies participating in the review on the Office of the Ombudsman’s website.

Published Date  Title 
27 September 2018 Offical Information Act Compliance and Practice Manatu Taonga – Office of the Ombudsman Report (PDF 2.2 MB)

Submissions to the Public Media Ministerial Advisory Group

Published Date  Title 
23 July 2018 Submissions to the Public Media Ministerial Advisory Group to 31 May 2018 (PDF 24.8 MB)
23 July 2018 Mediaworks submission to PMMAG - 6 April 2018 (PDF 124 KB)
23 July 2018 Stuff Ltd submission to PMMAG (PDF 142 KB)
23 July 2018 WIFT New Zealand members submission to PMMAG - 2 April 2018 (PDF 49 KB)

Release of documents to support Hon Clare Curran's announcement of public media funding allocation for 2018/19

Published Date  Title 
11 July 2018 Cabinet paper - Allocation of funding for public media - for release (PDF 885 KB)
11 July 2018 GRAPH Comparison of public media funding allocation - 28 June 2018 (DOCX 282 KB)
11 July 2018 FLOW CHART Public media funding allocation.docx (PDF 125 KB)
11 July 2018 Recommendations of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Allocation of New Funding - for release (PDF 1.38 MB)
11 July 2018 Public Media funding allocation PWC report (PDF 3.75 MB)

Updated on 31st August 2023