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Responses to OIA requests

The Ministry makes OIA responses available where the information is considered to be of public interest, and where there is no risk to the privacy of individuals.


Published Date  Title 
25 March Information on OIA requests received (PDF 510 KB)
25 March Public Sector Carbon Neutrality Accountability Project (PDF 440 KB)
25 March Information on flexible working at MCH (PDF 3.2 MB)


Published Date  Title 
10 November Strengthening protections for heritage buildings: Report identifying issues within New Zealand’s heritage protection system, November 2018 (PDF 2MB)
1 September Accessibility consultation before Innovation Fund delivery (PDF 97KB)
23 August National Library request to export the Overseas Published Collection under POA (PDF 7 MB)
30 June Approved uses of the word 'royal' in New Zealand (PDF 456 KB)
30 June  Sensitive expenditure on gifts and koha (PDF 1.4 MB)
30 June  Capturing and recording OIA requests (PDF 300 KB) 
30 June  Charging for OIA requests (PDF 335 KB)
30 June  Use of Aotearoa New Zealand in naming conventions and style guides (PDF 244 KB)


Published Date  Title 
16 June  RNZ Concert and RNZ’s Music Strategy (PDF 5.4 MB)
10 January Te Motuni Epa o Aotearoa (PDF 7MB)


Published Date  Title 
10 September Departmental advertising spend (PDF 339 KB)
10 September Departmental leave entitlements (PDF 162 KB)
10 September Pukeahu skateboard policy (PDF 212 KB)
29 August Diversity information (PDF 182 KB)
29 August New office furniture and supplies in the last five years (PDF 122 KB)
29 August Fees payable to Tuia - Encounters 250 Committee Members (PDF 127 KB)

Updated on 1st September 2022