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Grant Comparison Table

Comparing the Manatū Taonga Grant for Self-Employed Individuals with the Inland Revenue COVID-19 Support Payment

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Please note: You cannot apply at the same time to both the Manatū Taonga Grant for Self-Employed Individuals and Inland Revenue COVID-19 Support Payment. It is important you make a choice and apply for the option that best suits your needs. To be eligible to receive the Manatū Taonga Grant, you must declare that you have not received and do not have an application pending for Inland Revenue's first COVID-19 Support Payment. The application form for the first COVID-19 Support Payment also contains a similar declaration regarding the Manatū Taonga Grant. 

Making an incorrect declaration can negatively impact your eligibility to receive these grants and future funding applications, and may result in enforcement action. Please carefully read and understand the declaration before you submit your application. Manatū Taonga will endeavour to process applications for payment in 7–10 days, depending on the volume of applications received.

  Manatū Taonga Grant for Self-Employed Individuals Inland Revenue COVID-19 Support Payment 
Value  $5,000  $4,000 plus $400, meaning $4,400 for self-employed individuals 

Taxable Income (inclusive of $5,000) 

To determine if you must pay tax on this grant you will need to talk to your tax advisor or accountant. 


To determine if you must pay tax on this grant you will need to talk to your tax advisor or accountant. CSP payments do not get included in your income tax return if they are used for business expenses. You also will not be entitled to claim a deduction for these expenses at the end of the tax year. 

GST If you are GST-registered in your self-employed role, you will receive GST in addition to the $5,000 grant. If you're a GST-registered businesses, you will have to return GST to Inland Revenue on the CSP payment(s). You can also claim GST for items you paid for out of the payments you got under the CSP. 
Processing Timeframes Dependent on the volume of applications, should be within 7-10 working days. Once approved, most applicants will receive their payment in full within 5 working days.
Funding Rounds One off payment  Three payment rounds 
Timeframes Loss due to ‘Red’ setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework, which was announced for all of New Zealand on 23 January 2022.

Applications for the first CSP, for the period starting 16 February 2022, opened at 8a.m. on 28 February.

For the first payment, the affected revenue period is from 16 February 2022. To work out a drop in revenue, you compare the revenue in an affected revenue period to the revenue earned in the comparison period (5 January 2022 to 15 February 2022).  

If you are a business with highly seasonal revenue, you may select a 7- day comparison period which is before 5 January 2022 and which may be from a past year, which reflects your typical revenue.

It is expected that applications for the second payment will open on 14 March 2022 and the third payment on 28 March 2022. 


You must be: 

  • a New Zealand citizen or resident living in New Zealand, and  
  •  able to provide an IRD number, which we’ll verify with Inland Revenue, and  
  • able to declare that your main employment activities, over the last 12 months, have been in the arts, culture and heritage sector, and  
  • able to declare that most of those employment activities are in a self-employed capacity (confirmed by Inland Revenue), and  
  • able to provide evidence of your practice in the arts, culture and heritage sector, and 
  • able to provide evidence of lost income (or lost opportunity for income) due to the move to ‘Red’ under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (‘traffic lights’) on 23 January 2022.

Your business or organisation (including sole traders) must:

  • have been in business for at least one month before 16 February 2022, and
  • be physically present in New Zealand, and
  • be viable and ongoing, and
  • have a New Zealand Business Number, and
  • have had at least a 40% drop in revenue or capital raising as a result of one or more COVID-19, and circumstances and if the applicant is part of a commonly owned group, this 40% drop also needs to be satisfied across the group as a whole,
  • have taken all reasonably practical steps to minimise the decline in revenue, and
  • if it is a regulated business or service, have been operating in compliance with the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate (CVC) requirements for regulated business or services (whether following the CVC or non-CVC rules) for both the comparator period and the affected revenue period.
Evidence required

We need evidence that:

  • demonstrates your practice in the arts, culture and heritage sector 
  • your ability to earn income has been directly affected by the January 2022 move to the ‘Red’ setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework, and  
  • you’re a self-employed individual (this will be verified with Inland Revenue).
  • verifies your bank account

Inland Revenue need:

  • New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)
  • Employee details 
  • Bank Account 
  • Revenue details - You'll need to provide revenue details for the 7-day affected revenue period and the 7-day comparison period (and hold evidence in case Inland Revenue asks for it).
Apply via  Manatū Taonga Online Portal  MyIR 

Scenarios: who can get the Grant for Self-Employed Individuals

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Email us with any questions about the grant or the application process. 

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Updated on 6th May 2022