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Proactive Releases

General proactive releases such as Cabinet Decisions, Status Reports, Ministry responses to OIA requests and other material of public interest are published on this page.


Cabinet Papers
Responses to OIA Requests
General Information Releases 

Cabinet Papers

We proactively release Cabinet papers, minutes and material the Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage and Associate Ministers and Minister of Broadcasting take to Cabinet. This is in line with Cabinet Office circular CO(18)4 – Proactive Release of Cabinet Material. We aim to make this information available as soon as possible.

2022 releases

Published Date  Title 
19 May Cabinet Material: Arts and Culture Event Support Scheme proposed coverage for new events (PDF 763KB)
19 May Cabinet Material: Extension of cultural sector COVID-19 financial support (PDF 831KB)
10 March BCG Report (PDF 3.2 MB)
10 March Cabinet Paper: Establishment of a new public media entity (PDF 330 KB)
10 March Cabinet paper Annex 1: SPM Business Case (PDF 3.2 MB)
10 March Cabinet paper Annex 2: View and perspectives from targeted engagement to inform the development of a charter for a new entity (PDF 165 KB)
10 March Cabinet paper Annex 3: Draft Terms of Reference for Establishment Board (107 KB)
10 March Cabinet Minute CAB-SUB-0034: Establishment of a new public media entity (PDF 460 KB)
10 March Cabinet Minute SWC-22-MIN-0009: Establishment of a New Public Media Entity (PDF 116 KB)
02 March Cabinet Paper ‘Shaping the Crown’s approach to the New Zealand screen sector’ (PDF 649 KB)
02 March

DEV-21-MIN-003 Cabinet Economic Development Committee Minute of Decision 'Shaping the Crown's approach to the New Zealand screen sector (PDF 222 MB)

02 March

Cabinet Paper ‘Reviewing the Government’s investment in the screen sector' (PDF 1833 KB)

02 March

DEV-21-MIN-0242 Cabinet Economic Development Committee Minute of Decision ‘Reviewing the Government’s investment in the screen sector’ (PDF 222 KB)

02 March

CAB-21-MIN-0507.01 ‘Reviewing the Government’s investment in the screen sector (PDF 229 KB)

25 February Cabinet Minute - National Erebus Memorial - further funding (PDF 439 KB)
25 February Cabinet Paper - National Erebus Memorial - further funding (PDF 382 KB)
18 February Cabinet Material - Dawn Raids Historical Account package (redirects to the Ministry for Pacific Peoples' website)

2021 releases


Published Date  Title 
15 November  Cabinet Minute - Update on Media Sector Work Programme (PDF 140 KB)
21 October  Cabinet Minute - Māori language Petition 50th Anniversary (PDF 374 KB)
21 October Cabinet Paper - Māori Language Petition 50th Anniversary (PDF 197 KB)
28 May Cabinet Paper - Government Indemnity of Touring Exhibitions Scheme: Applications for Exhibitions in 2021 and 2022 (PDF 383 KB)
31 March  Cabinet Minute - Strong Public Media business case: Establishment of Governance Group (PDF 520 KB)
31 March Strong Public Media Business Case Governance Group (PDF 99 KB)
28 January Investing in Sustainable Journalism: Drawdown of tagged contingency (PDF 153 KB)

2020 releases

Published Date  Title 
5 August  COVID-19 Response: Building a Sustainable and Viable Media Sector (PDF 697 KB)
10 February Funding 2020 Paralympic Games Coverage (PDF 2.16 MB)
28 January Strengthening Kaupapa Waka Hourua – Tuia te Hau Kōmaru (PDF 516 KB)
28 January Strengthening Public Media: Report Back (PDF 376 KB)
24 January Statement on the 40th Anniversary of the Erebus Accident (PDF 266 KB)
23 January Dominion Museum Building (PDF 789 KB)

2019 releases

Published Date  Title 
2 December  Overseas Travel Report: Hon Carmel Sepuloni (PDF 182 KB)
21 November Crown Acquisition of Kate Sheppard’s Former Residence (PDF 1 MB)
11 November Artists Resale Royalty Scheme Online Survey (PDF 406 KB)
26 August  Overseas Travel Report: Hon Kris Faafoi (PDF 379 KB)
12 August Strengthening Public Media (PDF 686 KB)
26 January Overseas Travel Report: Hon Grant Robertson (PDF 184 KB)

2018 releases

Published Date  Title 
17 December Crown Acquisition of Kate Sheppard’s Former Residence (PDF 1 MB)


Responses to OIA requests

The Ministry makes OIA responses available where the information is considered to be of public interest, and where there is no risk to the privacy of individuals.


Published Date  Title 
25 March Information on OIA requests received (PDF 510 KB)
25 March Public Sector Carbon Neutrality Accountability Project (PDF 440 KB)
25 March Information on flexible working at MCH (PDF 3.2 MB)


Published Date  Title 
10 November Strengthening protections for heritage buildings: Report identifying issues within New Zealand’s heritage protection system, November 2018 (PDF 2MB)
1 September Accessibility consultation before Innovation Fund delivery (PDF 97KB)
23 August National Library request to export the Overseas Published Collection under POA (PDF 7 MB)
30 June Approved uses of the word 'royal' in New Zealand (PDF 456 KB)
30 June  Sensitive expenditure on gifts and koha (PDF 1.4 MB)
30 June  Capturing and recording OIA requests (PDF 300 KB) 
30 June  Charging for OIA requests (PDF 335 KB)
30 June  Use of Aotearoa New Zealand in naming conventions and style guides (PDF 244 KB)


Published Date  Title 
16 June  RNZ Concert and RNZ’s Music Strategy (PDF 5.4 MB)
10 January Te Motuni Epa o Aotearoa (PDF 7MB)


Published Date  Title 
10 September Departmental advertising spend (PDF 339 KB)
10 September Departmental leave entitlements (PDF 162 KB)
10 September Pukeahu skateboard policy (PDF 212 KB)
29 August Diversity information (PDF 182 KB)
29 August New office furniture and supplies in the last five years (PDF 122 KB)
29 August Fees payable to Tuia - Encounters 250 Committee Members (PDF 127 KB)


General information releases

Where there is a high degree of public interest, the Ministry may publish related information. The aim is to increase public access to the work we do.

Report on Media Plurality in New Zealand

In 2021 Manatū Taonga commissioned the Sapere Research Group to carry out research and analysis on the implications that competition and market trends will have for media plurality in New Zealand. Media plurality contributes to well-functioning democratic society by informing citizens, who are able to access and consume a diverse range of viewpoints from a variety of media organisations. Plurality can also limit the ability of any one media owner from exercising too much influence over the political process. A lack of plurality not only has implications for democratic engagement and accountability, but also can have negative consequences for a society’s cultural expression and development.

The report is the view of Sapere Research and is not government policy. The report forms one part of our policy evidence base on the current state of the media sector in New Zealand.  

Published Date  Title
February 2022 Report on Media Plurality in New Zealand (PDF 1.1 MB)

Media Support Package Review Report

In 2020, as part the Government response to COVID-19, Manatū Taonga developed the Media Support Package in consultation with the media sector, to support New Zealand media organisations through the immediate impacts of COVID-19. Manatū Taonga engaged MartinJenkins to carry out an independent review of the Media Support Package.

Published Date  Title
July 2021 Media Support Package – Retrospective Review (PDF 5 MB)

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) research report and briefing

After taking advice and considering a research report on the issue, the Minister has decided it is more appropriate for Government to wait until it becomes clearer that adopting DAB permanently is the right decision for New Zealand. He has directed officials to maintain a watching brief on this matter and to inform him of any significant changes as they occur. This will ensure Government is well prepared to act, if and when the case for DAB becomes more compelling.Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Kris Faafoi has decided there is not a strong case for implementing Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) in New Zealand at this time.

Published Date  Title 
16 April 2019 Final research report on DAB prepared by MartinJenkins and commissioned by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (PDF 1.3 MB)
16 April 2019 Briefing to the Minister about DAB (PDF 321 KB)

Tuia 250 Privacy Breach Information Release

This report provides Manatū Taonga, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage with an independent review of the decisions and processes relating to the procurement and management of the Tuia 250 website and the circumstances that led to the breach of the privacy of applicants for the trainee crew programme. Manatū Taonga, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage has published its response to the recommendations of the independent report by the RDC Group Ltd

Published Date  Title 
18 December 2019 Final Report: Independent Review of the Tuia 250 Voyage Trainee Privacy Breach
18 December 2019 Ministry response to the Tuia 250 Voyage Trainee Privacy Breach Independent Review

The following documents relating to the Tuia Encounters 250 website, privacy breach and response have been proactively released by Manatū Taonga, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage on 18 December 2019.

Information Withheld

Some information has been withheld from this proactive release and, if requested, would be withheld under the Official Information Act 1982 (the OIA). Where this is the case, the relevant sections of the OIA that apply have been identified. Where information has been withheld, no public interest has been identified that would outweigh the reasons for withholding it.

Documents released
Published Date  Title
18-09-18 Procurement plan: Tuia Encounters 250 website
01-10-18 Request for proposal: Tuia Encounters 250 website design and build
25-10-18 Approval memo: Tuia Encounters 250 website design and build
05-12-18 Contract for services: Tuia Encounters 250 website design and build
22-08-19 Breach situation update – Thursday 7pm 
23-08-19 Breach situation update – Friday 10am
23-08-19 MCH Tuia 250 incident analysis: Initial summary
24-08-19 Situation report #1 – Saturday 4.30pm 
24-08-19 Situation report #2 – Saturday 8.00pm 
24-08-19 Talking points and Q and As for Prime Minister
24-08-19 Incident response and analysis service schedule: Service of work
25-08-19 Decision/action log: Privacy Breach – Sunday 12.30pm 
25-08-19 Situation report #3 – Sunday 2.45pm
25-08-19 Situation report #4 – Sunday 5.00pm
25-08-19 Security incident report
26-08-19 Dashboard – Monday 4.15pm
26-08-19 Situation report #5 – Monday 5.00pm
26-08-19 Security review service schedule: Service of work
27-08-19 Situation report #6 – Tuesday 5.00pm
28-08-19 Dashboard – Wednesday 4.15pm 
28-08-19 Situation report #7 – Wednesday 5.00pm
28-08-19 Questions and Answers
29-08-19 Situation report #8 – Thursday 5.00pm
30-08-19 Situation report #9 – Friday 5.00pm
30-08-19 Terms of reference for an independent review of the Tuia 250 voyage trainee privacy breach
02-09-19 Situation report #10 – Monday 5.00pm
03-09-19 Situation report #11 – Tuesday 5.00pm
04-09-19 Situation report #12 – Wednesday 5.00pm
05-09-19 Situation report #13 – Thursday 5.00pm
06-09-19 Situation report #14 – Friday 4.30pm
06-09-19 Tuia privacy breach review – FAQ for interviewees
11-09-19 Situation report #15 – Wednesday 5.00pm
12-09-19 Aide memoire to PMO
13-09-19 Situation report #16 – Friday 3.30pm
30-09-19 Tuia 250 Privacy breach recovery approach
04-10-19 Tuia privacy breach update 

State Services Commission Inquiry into the use of External Security Consultants

Published Date  Title 
18 December 2018 Letter from Inquiry Head Doug Martin, to State Sector Agency Chief Executives
18 December 2018 Response from Manatū Taonga/Ministry for Culture and Heritage to SSC Inquiry

Official Information Act compliance and practice: Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture & Heritage – Office of the Ombudsman Report 

Manatū Taonga, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, welcomes the opportunity to participate in the review of Official Information Act compliance and review. We are looking to make improvements to our processes based on the advice of the Office of the Ombudsman. You can access all the reports on all agencies participating in the review on the Office of the Ombudsman’s website.

Published Date  Title 
27 September 2018 Offical Information Act Compliance and Practice Manatu Taonga – Office of the Ombudsman Report (PDF 2.2 MB)

Submissions to the Public Media Ministerial Advisory Group

Published Date  Title 
23 July 2018 Submissions to the Public Media Ministerial Advisory Group to 31 May 2018 (PDF 24.8 MB)
23 July 2018 Mediaworks submission to PMMAG - 6 April 2018 (PDF 124 KB)
23 July 2018 Stuff Ltd submission to PMMAG (PDF 142 KB)
23 July 2018 WIFT New Zealand members submission to PMMAG - 2 April 2018 (PDF 49 KB)

Release of documents to support Hon Clare Curran's announcement of public media funding allocation for 2018/19

Published Date  Title 
11 July 2018 Cabinet paper - Allocation of funding for public media - for release (PDF 885 KB)
11 July 2018 GRAPH Comparison of public media funding allocation - 28 June 2018 (DOCX 282 KB)
11 July 2018 FLOW CHART Public media funding allocation.docx (PDF 125 KB)
11 July 2018 Recommendations of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Allocation of New Funding - for release (PDF 1.38 MB)
11 July 2018 Public Media funding allocation PWC report (PDF 3.75 MB)


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