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Governor-General's message

As some organisers of Armistice Day 100 events have indicated that they would like to read out a message from the Prime Minister or the Governor-General, here is the Armistice Day 100 message from the Governor-General.

This content of message is embargoed until 11 November 2018. It should not be republished or broadcast before that date.

Her Excellency The Rt Hon Dame Patsy Reddy

Governor-General of New Zealand

Armistice Day 2018 message


On 12 November 1918, the Governor-General, Lord Liverpool stood on the steps of the Parliamentary Library and announced that an armistice had been signed the day before. The news quickly reverberated around the country, as it had around the globe.

The global impact of the First World War had been truly cataclysmic, involving over 30 nations, and leaving an estimated 16 million soldiers and civilians dead in its wake. In addition, untold people were left with lasting physical and psychological wounds.

Given that staggering cost, it is not surprising that the news of an armistice was greeted with conflicting emotions. Jubilation and relief were tempered with a sense of overwhelming sorrow and loss. One hundred years on, New Zealand will again recapture that shared experience with other nations. The sound of bells and song will be heard across Aotearoa, the United Kingdom and our neighbours in the Pacific, as we share a significant moment of remembrance for us all.

It will be a time to remember those whose sacrifice is recorded on war memorials, and whose memory lives on in family histories. It will be a time to remember how our communities supported the war effort with acts of human kindness, including the efforts of thousands of women and children who responded to Lady Liverpool’s appeal for contributions.

Although the generation which lived through the First World War is no longer with us, their legacy will endure in the memory of their children and the generations that followed. We honour and remember the sacrifices of our forebears, and we commit to a world where peace, wellbeing and security can be shared by all.


The Rt Hon Dame Patsy Reddy, GNZM, QSO

Governor-General of New Zealand

Published on 24th October 2018