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Te Mātauranga me te Akoranga – Education and training

Learning and Training opportunities, agencies supporting opportunities for Iwi to learn about looking after their heritage, and to also share their knowledge. Includes information about workshop and hui, setting up a museum, and career opportunities and qualification pathways.

Find out about learning and training opportunities for your whānau, hapū and iwi. This section also includes advice about setting up a museum - you may find this useful if you are considering a whare taonga. 

Learning - gathering information

Nga wānanga me ngā hui – Professional Development and Training opportunities

Funding and Grants

Te whakatū i tētahi muhiama - Setting up a museum (useful advice if you are considering a whare taonga)

Career opportunities and qualification pathways

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Learning - gathering information

Research Services

Learn more about using the services that the National Library provides to support you in your research and information gathering about your taonga. If you’d like to talk to a librarian call 0800 474 300.

Research Guides

These guides will help you with your whānau, hapū and iwi research

He Tohutohu mō te Rangahau Whakapapa – Whakapapa

This guide will help you get started with your whakapapa research.

  • The link directs you to resources from the Alexander Turnbull Library and National Library collections, other online resources have also been included for their whakapapa content and relevance.
  • You can search through the collection yourself, or ask Library staff to show you what they have from your whānau / hapū / iwi by emailing: [email protected]

Oral history

  • Whether you are starting out with oral history or want to hone your skills further, the National Library can help with advice, workshops and equipment.
  • The Oral History Adviser, Māori, also runs workshops for iwi, hapū and community groups around the country on request. These workshops use video and may be bilingual.
  • Download information about our workshops for Māori (pdf, 1MB

Starting with family history

  • Not sure where to start? This guide provides advice and guidance to get you started on your family history research.

Family history

  • This guide helps you trace your family history through birth, death and marriage information and immigration records such as passenger and shipping lists.

Nga wānanga me ngā hui – Professional development and training opportunities

National Services Te Paerangi (NSTP) workshops

  • National Services Te Paerangi holds taonga conservation wānanga collaboratively with local iwi throughout New Zealand. They also work with iwi who wish to bring their people together to kōrero, learn and share experiences and issues about iwi development and care of taonga.

Funding and grants

Professional development grants

  • Te Papa has a professional development grant to support you to access museum or gallery training programmes – local or international.
  • Maximum funding request: $1,000 excluding GST.

Helping Hands Grant

  • The Helping Hands Grant can help you get materials, services and information for your museum, gallery and iwi groups. This grant also supports specific projects.

Travel Subsidy Grant

  • Te Papa offers subsidies for travel expenses associated with museum or gallery training in New Zealand. Maximum funding request: $300 including GST.

Te whakatū i tētahi muhiama - Setting up a museum (useful advice if you are considering a whare taonga)

The guides in this link will help you decide whether you can turn your dream into a sustainable and financially secure reality. The guides cover:

  • planning for your museum
  • developing a strategic plan
  • developing a marketing plan
  • developing a business case
  • carrying out a feasibility study.

Career opportunities and qualification pathways

Ahurea me te Taonga Tuku Iho - Culture and Heritage

You may want to think about how you will maintain and also build the knowledge and skills required for the tiakitanga o ōu taonga tuku iho.

  • If you are setting up a whare taonga or want to support your hapū to preserve and maintain marae and other heritage, you may wish to encourage your rangatahi and pākeke taking on roles such as a curator, conservator, archivist, architect, exhibition technician or librarian.
  • There is a growing demand for Māori in the Culture and Heritage sector who have both knowledge of Mātauranga Māori and Western science, and also the ability to connect with Māori communities.
  • Read about the work and training pathway taken by Kararaina Te Ira. Kararaina is the Poutiaki Taonga or curator of Taonga Māori at New Plymouth's Puke Ariki Museum.

“The main thing I would really like for Taranaki is to encourage our rangatahi to get into this line of work.”

Contact your local wānanga, polytech, training institute or university for information about the courses they offer to support you in your training pathway. Below is information about some museum studies offered in New Zealand.

Museum studies programmes in New Zealand

Te Ara Pourewa: Graduate Diploma in Heritage and Museum Studies

Te Ara Pourewa-Heritage and Museum Studies

This programme is run out of Toihoukura, Eastern Institute of Technology’s (EIT’s) Gisborne campus and is a Level 7 qualification. It is a blend of wānanga, internship and online learning. The online interactive platform allows students to be based anywhere. This is a relatively new graduate diploma that has been specifically developed to increase heritage and museum expertise, with specific emphasis on Te Ao Māori, and the protection, preservation and elevation of taonga Māori.

ServiceIQ’s New Zealand Certificate in Museum Practice

Find out more about ServiceIQ’s NZ Certificate in Museum Practice

Contact a regional ServiceIQ Training Adviser near you

This is an entry level qualification for people already working or volunteering in the museum sector. National Services Te Paerangi (NSTP) supports this qualification, they have a number of assessors in the NSTP team. To find out more about this programme or to speak with one of the regional Training Advisers click on the links above.

Massey University’s Museum Studies

Learn about Massey University Museum Studies

This study starts at a postgraduate level, with options to go through to Masters and PhD. It is for students or people working and volunteering in sector who are looking to broaden their knowledge, and want to advance their career options in museums. This programme is run from the Palmerston North campus and is undertaken mostly by distance learning.

Victoria University’s Museum and Heritage Studies

Learn about Victoria University museum-and-heritage-studies

This programme is based out of Wellington, and has support from the numerous arts, culture and heritage organisations in the region, including Te Papa Tongarewa. This programme is at a number of levels, including Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and PhD.

Updated on 14th March 2023