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Governor-General's message

Many organisers of Anzac Day events like to read out a message from the Prime Minister or the Governor-General as part of their service. Here is the Anzac Day 2022 message from the Governor-General. The Prime Minister's message is here.

This content of message is embargoed until 25 April 2022. It should not be republished or broadcast before that date.


Her Excellency The Rt Hon Dame Cindy Kiro, GNZM, QSO

Governor-General of New Zealand

     Anzac Day Message 2022     


As New Zealanders gather to mark Anzac Day this year, our attention turns to the courageous actions of our service personnel, and the sacrifices they have made across our history. We take time today to remember the generations of New Zealanders who, without guarantee of safe return, left their homes and families for shores unknown.

While we reflect on their experiences, we are also given cause to consider the division that exists in our world today, and the enduring impact of war and conflict.

That impact goes far beyond any measurable tally. For every soldier lost, a family is left bereft. For every returned veteran, painful memories are left unspoken. For every individual touched, lives are changed forever.

As we bear witness to events unfolding around the world, we see that the human toll of conflict is not confined to the past, nor to a single generation.

This Anzac Day, while we pay tribute to the sacrifices throughout our history, I encourage New Zealanders to also consider the present.

Be it mokopuna who never had the chance to know their koro, or a former refugee family uprooted from their homeland – none of us are far removed from someone who has experienced the enduring impact of war. Let us also consider their journeys today.

And most importantly, let us pay tribute to our veterans: New Zealanders who served our country, and who sacrificed so much in the name of peace and freedom.

As we share in this day of remembrance and reflection, it is our privilege to honour you. Your service, and that of your compatriots who never saw New Zealand’s shores again, leaves a legacy that spans generations. Our duty is to uphold that legacy by continuing to stand against division and hatred, and by striving for a peaceful future for all.

Updated on 13th April 2022