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Application For Permission to Export a Protected Object from New Zealand

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Details of Applicant
Details of Exporter
Ministry Information Notice

The information (including photographs, illustrations etc.) provided to the Ministry for Culture and Heritage in this application will be held by the Chief Executive for the purpose of permitting the Chief Executive and his experts to assess and evaluate the application, and for the enforcement of the Protected Objects Act.

The Ministry is subject to the Official Information Act and may be required to release information in the terms of that Act. After 10 years, files from the Ministry are destroyed, sealed or housed at Archives New Zealand.

Certificates regarding export may be revoked at any time prior to the shipment of the objects. Should an extension be required, the Ministry may issue a new certificate. The objects must exit New Zealand within the time specified on the certificate and the certificate is only valid for one consignment. Please note that the certificate does not authenticate the object(s) as the object(s) is assessed on the information supplied by the exporter.

Under section 7(1) of the Act, the Chief Executive may impose terms and conditions on the export of a protected New Zealand object from New Zealand. This could include, but is not limited to, requiring the owner to submit detailed drawings of the object to the Ministry prior to its export, and allow an object to be only temporary exported from New Zealand.

If the object is deemed to be a protected New Zealand object, you will be required to submit photographs of the object prior to a decision being made by the Chief Executive. The photographs submitted are then the property of the Ministry.

Description of Objects
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Export from New Zealand
Declaration by Applicant

I hereby apply under section 5 of the Protected Objects Act 1975 for permission to export from New Zealand one or more protected New Zealand object(s) as described in this application.

I understand that under section 7 of the Act, I may be required to make the protected New Zealand object(s) available for examination by one or more persons nominated by the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. I agree that, if so requested, the protected New Zealand object(s) will be made available for examination either at the above address or at such other place as may be requested.

By entering my name below, I declare that:

  • I or the person(s) I am the duly authorised agent for, have undisputed title of the object or the full support of all the Trustees to register the object; and
  • the contents of this application are to the best of my knowledge true and correct.
By entering your name here you are legally Signing your name

Updated on 1st August 2016