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Current and future commemorations

2023 – 2027

The New Zealand Government’s policy on the commemoration of historical anniversaries was refreshed in 2022. The policy no longer categorises anniversaries as Tier 1 or Tier 2 but takes a theme-based approach to tell connected stories across multiple anniversaries. Themes on the commemoration calendar may include anniversaries within a single year or across multiple years.

Te whakahaumaru i te pāpori
Creating a social safety net

  • 125th of old-age pension (2023)
  • 50th of Domestic Purposes Benefit (2023)
  • 50th of establishment of Accident Compensation Corporation (2024)

Te ahurea tuakiri o Aotearoa
Cultural identity

  • 125th anniversary of first movie shot in New Zealand (2023)
  • 75th of first wholly New Zealand-produced record, Blue Smoke (2024)
  • 50th of first novel by Māori author, Tangi (2023)

Mana Māori Motuhake
Māori rights and representation

  • 50th of Māori Land March (2025)
  • 50th of establishment of Waitangi Tribunal (2025)
  • 50th of Māori electoral option (2025)

Te hononga ki te Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa
New Zealand and the Pacific

  • 50th of New Zealand protests against French nuclear testing in the Pacific (2023)
  • 50th of start of dawn raids on Pacific peoples (2024)
  • 50th of Niue self-government (2024)
  • 125th of Cook Islands and Niue becoming part of New Zealand Realm (2026)
  • 100th of New Zealand administration of Tokelau (2026)

Ngā tohu ā-motu
National symbols

  • 125th of adoption of New Zealand flag (2027)
  • 50th of recognition of “God Defend New Zealand” as official anthem (2027)
  • Also 150th of the national anthem’s translation into te reo Māori (2028)
  • Also 50th of New Zealand Citizenship Act (2028)

Other anniversaries 2023 – 27  


  • 100th of New Zealand’s claim to Ross Dependency


  • 75th of New Zealand’s involvement in the Korean War
  • 75th of Commonwealth sporting event in Auckland


  • 125th of establishment of world’s first government Tourist Department
  • 100th of establishment of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
  • 75th of 1951 waterfront dispute


  • 150th of Education Act
  • 125th of the sinking of SS Ventnor
  • 50th of Bastion Point occupation
  • 50th of Human Rights Commission Act

Download the 2023—27 commemorations programme (PDF 34KB)

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