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Flag Consideration Project

In 2014 then Prime Minister John Key announced a two-stage referendum process to determine whether New Zealanders wanted a new national flag. Those who voted in the first referendum in November 2015 selected a black, white and blue design featuring a silver fern and the stars of the Southern Cross from among five shortlisted options for a new flag.

In March 2016, voters were asked to choose between the current flag and the Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue) flag which was selected in a referendum held in 2015. Final results released by the Electoral Commission on 30 March 2016, show 1,208,702 voted to keep the current flag, while 921,876 voted for the Kyle Lockwood-designed, alternative flag.

For more details about the flag referenda process, visit the Ministry's NZHistory website.

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Updated on 30th November 2017