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Museum of Young Art in Palais Schönborn - Young Art Global 2013

Notice about the forthcoming MOYA-ANNUALE 2013 "Young Art Global“ & “Young Art Europe” held at the MOYA-Museum of Young Art in Palais Schönborn, Vienna.

Attached is information regarding this art show which invites New Zealand participation.  Please note that there is a fee involved which you would be responsible for funding.

MOYA Red Salon, image courtesy of MOYA.

In the first part of the MOYA ANNUALE “Young Art Europe” European countries are represented. The second part of the ANNUALE is devoted to the non-European countries.

The objective of the exhibition is to give an impression of the artistic legislation of contemporary young artists. Furthermore the exhibition is aimed to promote international communication, international exchange and the maintenance and extension of bi- and multilateral relationship for the MOYA and the participating persons and institutions. The project is accompanied by MOYAWORLD, see

The MOYA ANNUALE is enabled through an attendance fee of 1000,00 Euro. The fee cannot cover the overall costs of the project. The remaining part of the costs of the project is being taken over by the MOYA. The participation fee covers the following assets:


- entire personal organization

- workforce for contact to the artists

- workforce for organization office

Graphic design & form

- graphic representation

- invitation mails

- invitation mass mails

- invitation partners & VIPs Preview printable version

- invitation vernissage printable version

- press release

- postage

- creation of labels (description of the paintings)

- preparation of biography and price lists

- documentation of the exhibition


- online presence on the homepage

- online presence on the homepage

Art Works, transportation, insurance, hanging, installing

- no transportation costs

- transportation and costs of the transportations are organized and covered by the participants themselves

-insurance for art works in the MOYA by the artists/institution

- execution of the insurance of the art works

- personal for hanging

- equipment for the hanging of the artworks

- in-house technical equipment after agreement

(TV, Beamer, DVD-Player, Internet, microphones)

- workforce for installing technical equipment


- rental fees

- adaption of rooms

- cleaning, illumination, security

- personal for the period of the exhibition


- staff

- beverage

- equipment for drinks (glasses, trays, freezers etc.)

- furniture

- canapés (sometimes one country offers culinary specialties)

Dismounting & transportation back

- workforce for dismounting

- workforce for package

- workforce for organization of shipping back/picking-up the artwork

The artists or rather the institutions are responsible for any costs like (unnecessary) travelling and residence as well as for the transport of artists living abroad or the costs for the production of artworks.

Participating artists are requested to donate on of their artworks to provide a long lasting presence/PR. This work will be exposed in the exhibitions of the permanent collection of the MOYA that take place regularly to make sure that the artist’s name will be communicated consistently.

The exhibition assigns one room to one artist. If the exhibition room is big enough it occurs that the room is shared by two artists/countries. The allocation of the rooms which is enabled due to the MOYA is done rapidly before the hanging of the artwork when all the participating artists and all the artworks to be exposed are fixed. The allocation of the rooms and positions is only decided by the MOYA due to the form, making and set of the artwork.

Each participating country has the option to create special topics of the programme: during the vernissage, in the country’s exhibition room or a special programme for the day and evening respectively. If you are interested, do not be hesitant to contact us.

We thank you very much for your participation and are always available for questions and information during our office hours: Mo.-Fr. 10am – 5pm at +43 1 5351989.

Yours sincerely,

MOYA – Museum of Young Art

Updated on 23rd July 2015