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Ngā Kōrero Tuku Iho, New Zealand Oral History Grants recipients

Unless otherwise stated, all completed oral histories are held at the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.

Ngā Kōrero Tuku Iho, New Zealand Oral History Grants 2021

A total of $130,558 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Jackson, Jade, Lesa v Attorney-General of New Zealand, $6,000. This material has been deposited with Porirua City Centre Library.
  • Vaeluaga, Seila (Natu), Our journey from Fale Sanilaiti, $9,700
  • Liua’ana, Rev Dr Featuna’i,A History of the CCS/EFKS Churches, $6,000
  • Te Vaka Cook Islands of Dunedin Inc, Akapapa’anga nō te iti tangata, $8,000
  • Mackintosh, Rochelle, Life experiences of ngā uri o Te Rimu Trust, $5,000
  • Vadasz, Viola and Peter Farago, Wave by wave, story by story: Hungarians in New Zealand, $9,982.95
  • Hamilton Cook Islands Association, Taro Patch Series, $8,500
  • Raharuhi, Nina, Hiringa A Rangi 2018, A Tohorā washed up on our shores, $10,000
  • Whitiaua Ropitini, Nā Mahuetanga Mai – Whāriki, Rangatira marae, $10,000
  • Woods, Reuben and Bobby Hung, 100 Aotearoa Graffiti Artists – A Survey of New Zealand Graffiti 1980-2021, $10,000
  • Pene, Rangitihi,Covid-19 Te Arawa’s Response 2020-2022, $9,300
  • Manu, Ilai, Fagatua, the indigenous wrestling of Tokelau, $6,500
  • Herbert-Pickering, Maraea and Harata Herbert, Three Marae, One People, $12,810
  • Walsh-Tapiata, Wheturangi, Wai-o-Turi Marae, Parara-ki-te-uru (Turi-Captain of Aotea waka-spring), $7,875
  • Tibble, Paora Te Kakapaiwaho, Hato Paora College Oral History Project Whāia Te Tika, $10,890

Ngā Kōrero Tuku Iho, New Zealand Oral History Grants (formerly Awards) 2020/21

A total of $105,690 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Joanne Maarama Kāmira, He waka tahōu i te whenua moemoeā: A strange waka in the land of dreaming, Voices of the Australian Māori diaspora, $5,000
  • Paul Roy, Deer Cullers, $7,350
  • Ngāti Kahu Hapū, Ngāti Kahu Hapū Cultural Heritage Project (led by Tina Latimer), $6,746
  • Ngā Toenga o Ngā Tamariki a Iharaira me Ngā Uri o Maungapōhatu Charitable Trust (Tūhoe), Rua Kēnana Pardon Act 2019 Video Documentary, $20,000
  • Jacqui Keelan, Ngā Manukura o Waikato Tainui, $4,000. This material has been deposited with the Waikato University Te Whare Pukapuka (Library).
  • Kate Souness, Kaupapa Waka / Kaupapa Whānau (South Island based), $4,000. This material has been deposited with Ngāi Tahu Archives.
  • Rowan Light, Ano te mahara e reka: The Repatriation Hīkoi of Bishop Pompallier 2001-2002, $6,100. This material has been deposited with Raiātea Centre, Motuti, Hokianga. Learn more about Raiātea on a NZ Museum's blog.
  • Julie Benjamin, 1949 Buller vs Otago Ranfurly Shield Challenge Trip, $6,000. This material has been deposited with the Coaltown Trust.
  • Chantal Bakersmith, A tale of the rugby ball and me: the whakapapa of female rugby in Aotearoa, $5,600. This material has been deposited with Auckland City Libraries.
  • Nicola Panapa, Tainui Express: The Journey to Settlement, $12,000
  • Ruth Low, On Fertile Ground: A People’s History of NZ Farming (South Island based), $15,000
  • Darren Hunter, NZFORSEA [New Zealand Force South East Asia] 1971-1989, $2,494

New Zealand Oral History Awards 2019

A total of $100,198 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Whakarua Trust Board, Uepohatu: The History of Whakarua Park, $5000
  • Caren Wilton, Trans lives in Aotearoa New Zealand,  $10,500
  • Sue Bradford and Karen Davis, Kotare Research & Education for Social Change in Aotearoa Trust, Kotare speaks: 25 years of education for social change in Aotearoa,  $10,000
  • ZEALANDIA (Karori Wildlife Trust), The First Fence: Voices of Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, $11,540
  • Susan Maree Lennox, Lower Hutt Women’s Centre: Flourishing for thirty years, $500
  • Grace Bateman and Paul Garbett, Ice Skating in New Zealand, Part 1: 1930s - 1970s, $7,500
  • Voice + Ink - Helen Frizzell, Megan Hutching and Pip Oldham, In My Room, $15,000
  • Hannah Benbow and Chantalle Smith, Wellington Dungeons and Dragons, $6,400
  • Noelle McCarthy, Sex Lives: New Zealand women talk about sex across the generations, $20,690
  • Keystrokes per minute project team with Dr Judith Aitken, Keystrokes Per Minute: a history of women in the public service typing pool from 1945 to the  present day, $3,000
  • Jacqueline Roberta Keelan-Peebles, Whakapourangi Road, $5,000
  • Pia Maria Kahn, New Zealand’s ‘happiest migrants’: An introductory oral history of Filipino migrants in New Zealand, $5,068.

New Zealand Oral History Awards 2018

A total of $56,186 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Natalie Looyer - Bringing Classical Antiquities to Aotearoa, $4,000.00
  • Farida Sultana and Shila Nair - The human cost of war: Voices of displaced women, $3,400.00
  • Mike Smith - Voices from Inside Labour, $2,856.00
  • Tafaoimalo Loudeen Parsons - Fanua – Samoan indigenous conceptual meaning of land, $6,330.00
  • Robert Willoughby - Who are Ngati Kuta, $3,000
  • Georgie Craw - SOS: Stories from the Sisters Overseas Service, $6,400.00
  • Christchurch Operatic Society - So the 30,000 sang! The voices and memories behind 80 years of Showbiz in Christchurch, $6,400.00
  • Anna Fomison - Tony Fomison Oral History Project, $5,000.00
  • Nic Lane - Development of professional inclusive performing arts within Aotearoa, $8,700.00
  • Tilly HeiHei and Dawn Shaw - Te Aratika Whanau Trust, $3,500.00
  • Jenny Senior and Naomi Strickland - Oral History of Queen Victoria School, $8,000.00

New Zealand Oral History Awards 2017

A total of $96,375 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Judith Aitken - Women in a disabling world, $3,500.00
  • Golden Bay Museum Society - Golden Bay Women in Farming, $3,000.00
  • Linda Hepburn - South Island Rowing – A History, $10,000.00
  • Ruth Greenaway, Mahajabeen Padamsee & Peter Buchanan -The research legacy of women Mycologists in Aotearoa / New Zealand, $7,000.00
  • Economic and Social Research Aotearoa (ESRA) - Hidden histories: Voices from a network of Autonomous : peoples’ organisations originating from the Auckland Unemployed Workers’ Rights Centre 1983 – 1999, $9,000.00
  • Lena Fransham - Talking About Otito Reserve : What the Community Knew, $2,300.00
  • Dr Grace Maia Millar - The Wellington Clerical Workers Union Oral History Project, $4,800.00
  • Te Au Mārie 1769 Sestercentennial Charitable Trust - Mapping our Stories Oral History Project,  $6,300.00
  • Aaron Fox - Children of the Revolution: Communist Childhoods in New Zealand, $6,300.00
  • Renee Liang - A Place to Stand: Intergenerational Oral Histories of Croatians based in West Auckland, $4,800.00
  • Prue Langbein - Seven by Twelve – Voices of New Zealand Children, $6,750.00
  • Ross Webb - Drawing the line on Union Influence’: The Meat Workers Union and the Talleys / AFFco,  $6,000.00
  • Dr Nadia Gush - Out and About: Lesbian Social Life in the 1980s, $5,250.00
  • Joanna Petrie - Korero mai e te Whare. Ask that Whare, $6,375.00
  • Robyn Tauroa - Sailors Seeking Cultural Refuge,  $5,000.00
  • Melissa Matutina Williams & Whina Te Whiu - He Puna Maumahara no Te Unga Waka Marae: an enduring source of stories, 1966 – 2016, $10,000.

New Zealand Oral History Awards 2016

A total of $102,212 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Belinda De Mayo - The Northern Maori Schools’ Project 1954-1959 Stage II, $11,000.00
  • Jon and Sue Monk - An Oral History of ADIS International Ltd, $9,000.00
  • Federated Mountain Clubs Mountain and Forest Trust - Federated Mountain Clubs & Mountain and Forest Trust OHP, $5,000.00
  • Angela Middleton - Booth Brothers of Kerikeri OHP,  $6,300.00
  • Frances Edmond - An Oral History of the Living Theatre Troupe 1970-76, $7,132.00
  • Elisapeci Samanunu Waqanivala - Indigenous Fijian women and men in Wellington, $2,060.00
  • Stephanie Tibble  - St Joseph’s Maori Girl’s College 150th Anniversary OHP $9,375.00
  • Nadia Gush - Out and about: lesbian social life in the 1980s, $4,332.00
  • Pip Oldham - Butchers’ Stories OHP, Stage II, $8,240.00
  • Ruth Low - Stories from the Woolshed, $20,000.00
  • Grace Bateman and Paul Garbett - M.E. Voices: Young people living with an invisible disability, $9,975.00
  • Mike Smith - Rex Jones and Trade Union leadership in NZ 1983-2000, $5,298.00
  • Pacifica Mamas Arts Cultural Trust - Vaimutu Records 1985-2006, Cook Islanders and their journey in NZ through the music industry, $4,500.00

Awards in Oral History for 2015

A total of $54,717 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • An Oral History of the Samoana Rugby League Team (Otago, 1964-1967), $3,000
  • Coasters: Interviews with Westport Area Residents, $7,200
  • The Hatching of a New Approach to Conservation, $10,000
  • The Lebanese Community in Wellington. $2,258
  • New Zealand Society of Authors Oral History Project – Stage 111, $11,922
  • Rex Jones and Trade Union Leadership in New Zealand 1983-2000, $8,000
  • Takitaki Momotua, Vagahau Niue Trust, $3,000
  • Te Wharepora o Ngati Rangiwewehi: Weaving an Identity as Ngati Rangiwewehi, $7,500
  • VSA – Volunteers who Brought Back a Partner or Spouse, $1,837

Awards in Oral History for 2014

A total of $103,000 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Pacifica Arts Centre, $3,000.00 - The Stories of Pacifica Mamas and Papas
  • Ryan Bodman, $5,700.00 - Rugby League and working class culture in NZ
  • Daniel Beban and Nicole Gaston, $3,500.00 - The Braille Collective and Wellington’s Creative Music Community 1980-1990
  • Kayla Ratima, $2,600.00 - Oral histories of diasporic Ngati Porou descendants : 'Titiro ke uta ra, ke Hikurangi Maunga / Cast your gaze inward – inland – toward Hikurangi,’
  • Claire Hall, $20,000.00 - One, two, three, four! Protest Voices of NZ’s Vietnam War
  • Linda Hepburn and Ruth Low, $20,000.00 - History of Timaru’s commercial fishing industry
  • Caren Wilton, $8,300.00 - Selling Sex: the NZ sex industry
  • Rosemary Baird, $2,870.00 - Migrant’s Stories from the Manapouri Hydro 1966-1973
  • Pip Oldham, $8,700.00 - Butcher's Stories
  • Jeanette Roose Caritable Trust for Mercer Art & History Museum, $12,000.00 - Mercer the four R’s – Stories of the river, railway, Roose’s and rowing
  • Creative Arts Trust / Artsenta, $5000.00 - Creative Arts Trust / Artsenta: the first 25 years
  • Erloia Ifopo, $11,786.00 - Afio Mai Christchurch

Awards in Oral History for 2013

A total of nearly $100,000 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Loreen Brehaut, $5,245.00- Picton Freezing Works and its closure
  • Ian Dougherty, $2,518.00 - Hillside Railway Workshops
  • Jacqui Foley, $10,000.00 - Building Stories - Farm buildings in North Otago
  • Marina Fontein ,$7,000.00 - Lebanese in Wellington
  • Suzanne Gee, $6,000.00 - From Guangdong to Aotearoa, six New Zealand Chinese Women
  • Lynley Hargreaves, $3,734.00 - Vanishing Ice - New Zealand glaciology from 1960s to 1980s
  • Chris Mccann, $4,000.00 - Nassella Tussock Battle, Canterbury 1946-1990 - plant pest control
  • Jonathan Monk, $4,500.00 - Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre
  • Lala Rolls, $5,720.00 - Tupaia's Endeavour
  • Belinda De Mayo, $10,000.00 - The Northern Māori project - Art in schools 1954-59
  • John Dix, $2,000.00 - Bob Gillett - musician
  • Te Hiku Media, $8,000.00 - Te Aupōuri Treaty Settlement Journey
  • Tūhoe Mātauranga Trust, $8,000.00- Te Haumanu O Te Whenua - Tūhoe Claims
  • Helen Frizzell/Lesley Paris, $10,350.00 - The Dunedin Sound 1970s-1985
  • National Dance Archive, $11,110.00 - Creating a dance industry in New Zealand

 Awards in Oral History for 2012

A total of nearly $110,000 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Rosemary Baird, $10,885
    Manapouri Hydro 1966-73
  • Mary-Ellen O'Conner, $3,500
    Margaret Bazley
  • Barbara Inch, $2,000
    Christchurch Nurses 1971-74
  • Ruth Greenaway,$5,060
    Monte Cecilia Housing Trust
  • Jiff Stewart, $6,050
    VSA spouses of volunteers
  • Fiona Craig, $9,112
    Kaeo Post Office 1912-2012
  • Gareth Watkins, $7,000
    AIDS Support Network
  • Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, $13,750
    Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou
  • Linda Hepburn and Ruth Low, $11,046
    South Canterbury stories
  • Marina Fontein, $1,000
    Lebanese community in Wellington
  • Pip Desmond, $9,434
    Exploring the roots of homelessness
  • Prue Langbein, $7,045
    Seven by Seven, Children's voices
  • Julie Benjamin, $9,400
    West Coasters Club, Auckland
  • Anna Cottrell, $13,937
    Women of the Chathams.


Awards in Oral History for 2011

A total of $120,000 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Deborah Dunsford, $10000
    Auckland beach suburb of Milford
  • NZ Association of Women Judges, $8500
    Women judges in New Zealand
  • Susan Fowke, $10000
    Gisborne and Tairawhiti citizens
  • Carol Dawber, $10900
    Golden Bay fishing history
  • National Dance Archive of New Zealand, $8820
    Māori and Pasifika men influential in NZ contemporary dance
  • Barbara Inch, $8000
    Christchurch School of Nursing graduates class 1971-1974
  • Emma Kelly, $820
    Older gay men in Auckland
  • Hineani Melbourne, $12056
    Nga Tama Toa
  • Helen Frizzell, $9850
    Formation and early period of the so-called Dunedin Sound
  • Ann Packer, $2856
    Richard Nunns
  • Caren Wilton, $13400
    The NZ sex industry workers
  • Erolia Ifopo and Sarah Hunter, $10000
    Samoan community in the Christchurch earthquakes
  • Julia Brooke-White, 11,000
    New Zealand Wildlife Service
  • Beth Shalom, $3900
    Beth Shalom Progressive Jewish Congregation.

Awards in Oral History for 2010

A total of $94,738 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Shona McCahon, $15000
    Australian conservation covenants
  • Athina Tsoulis, Evangelia Papoutsaki, $30000
    Greek female immigrants to NZ – 1960s
  • Bronwyn Hanna, $5000
    Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter
  • Alison Laurie, $11300
    Australian influences on lesbian and gay communities in NZ
  • Honiana Love, $12500
    Taranaki iwi in Australia
  • Penny Brander, $ 5000
    Funeral directors in Australia and NZ
  • Linda Hepburn, Ruth Low, $5953
    Cross Tasman migration from a small community – 1950s
  • Gareth Watkins, $ 9985
    AIDS Memorial Quilt – NZ/Australia

Awards in Oral History for 2009

A total of $101,500 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Loreen Brehaut, $ 5000
    Interviews with six Picton train drivers, past and present
  • Nigel Hampton, Chairperson, $5000
    Saving Knowledge – Okains Bay Maori and Colonial Museum
  • Caren Wilton, $6000
    Selling sex: the NZ sex industry
  • Paulette Wallace, $1500
    Somes Islanders: A social history of life on Matiu/Somes 1965 - 2005
  • Whangarei Libraries (Friends of the Library), $ 10000
    ‘Honouring Seniors’ Whangarei District OHP
  • Northland Parents of Deaf Children Inc, $12000
    Northland Mothers of Deaf Adults
  • Rev Rangi Nicholson, $5000
    Māori language interviews in the Anglican Diocese of Te Hui Amorangi o Te Manawa o te Wheke
  • Lyne Pringle, $8000
    Riding the Crest of a Wave: Early Members of Impulse Dance Theatre and Limbs Dance Company
  • Gareth Watkins, $8000
    So Now We Are Legal (Post Homosexual Law Reform – interviews with younger LGBTI community members)
  • Shelley Seay,  $6000
    The effect of the Wahine disaster, April 10 1968: Personal stories from survivors, crew and rescuers
  • Helen Frizzell, Judith Fyfe, Megan Hutching, Pip Oldham,   $35,000
    Mrs Schumacher’s Gems: Domestic life in New Zealand in the 1940s and 1950s

Awards in Oral History for 2008

A total of $60,500 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Arts Foundation of New Zealand, $6500
    Arts Foundation of New Zealand Heritage Project Interviews with eight recipients of the Icon Awards – including Diggerress Te Kanawa, Maurice Gee, Margaret Mahy and Ans Westra.
  • Otaki Bank Heritage Preservation Trust, $ 2000
    The Changing Face of Te Horo
  • Roger Smith, $11000
    Composing New Zealand – life histories of six senior composers in Aotearoa/New Zealand – including Jenny McLeod, Jack Body and Gillian Whitehead
  • AC Productions (Anna Cottrell), $12000
    Facing the Future – stories of new New Zealanders Histories of refugees from Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and Burma.
  • Damian Skinner, Tairarwhiti Museum of Art and History, $3700
    Watersheds: Nga Wai Pupu – an oral history of the Tairawhiti Region
  • Hutching, Megan, $12000
    Bridge 4232: and oral history of Auckland Harbour Bridge 1959-2009
  • Margaret McClure, $ 5800
    ‘When a happy marriage turns to custard’ Women’s divorce stories form the 1950s and 1960s
  • Shona McCahon, $7500
    The founding of landscape architecture in New Zealand

Awards in Oral History for 2007

  • Jane Moodie, Hungarian oral history project: a record of Hungarian refugees who fled Hungary after the 1956 revolution, $7450
  • Susan Foster, Recorded interviews with New Zealand cartoonists, $8250
  • New Zealand Theatre Archive, The emergence of professional theatre in post-World War II New Zealand, $4000
  • Hanna Scott, Studio La Gonda: a large-format legacy (photography), $4000
  • Kirsty McCully, Cleaners – standing up and speaking out, $5000
  • Lyne Pringle, Dancing competitions in Dunedin, 1940-1990, $5000
  • Catherine Tracey, An oral history of tradeswomen in Aotearoa/New Zealand, $5000
  • Kotare Trust, The people behind the poster: reflecting activism in Aotearoa, $5000
  • Charlotte Museum Trust, Charlotte Museum oral herstories training project, $2000  

Awards in Oral History for 2006

  • Beverly Kearse, NZ Association of Psychotherapists 60th celebration project, $2000
  • Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club, An oral history of Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club, $2000
  • St Andrews on The Terrace convenors, An oral history of St Andrews on The Terrace Presbyterian Church, Wellington, $2500
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum, 21 Infantry Battalion Association oral history project, $5000
  • Vincent Ward, The worlds of Puhi Tatu, $5000
  • Loreen Brehaut, Tory Channel whalers' families and Whekenui School project, $5600
  • Mary-Lou Harris, 'We will fight them on the beeches' – an oral history of Native Forest Action, $6000
  • Ruth Low, Droving in the South Island, $6000                              
  • Friends of the Police Museum, Māori Police project, $6000
  • Te Hui Amorangi ki Te Manawa o te Wheke, Māori language interviews in the Anglican archdeaconries of Waiariki and Waiwhakaari, $6500                   
  • Nicola Robertson, NZ Ski Heritage oral history project, $7000
  • Wellington Girls' College Jubilee committee, 125th Jubilee oral history project, $7000
  • Paul Diamond, An oral history of Māori who served in the Vietnam War – a pilot study, $9000 
  • GridHeritage, An oral history of Māori linemen working on the national grid, 1945-2005, $10,000     

Awards in Oral History for 2005

  • Lyne Pringle, Dancing competitions in Dunedin, $2000
  • Thames, School of Mines Museum,Thames School of Mines oral history project, $3000
  • Cynthia Matthews, A place in the sun: 50 years of the arts in Kerikeri, $3000
  • Christine Tuapola, Alofa Atu I Kalaisetete – Bring on the 60s (Samoan migration to Christchurch in the 1960s), $3520
  • Te Rawhiti oral history group, I Tupu Ake Au Ki Te Rawhiti – an oral history of Te Rawhiti, $4500  
  • Sally Schoon, Herbert Gardens oral history project, $4520
  • Tairua Oral History Group, Tairua local history project, $4600      
  • Susan Foster, Interviews with New Zealand cartoonists, $4900  
  • Kitty Chang, Oral history of Chinese women in New Zealand, $5000          
  • Matthew Leonard, The Burmese community in Aotearoa/New Zealand, $5000                 
  • Max Quinn, An oral/visual history of New Zealand's early role in Antarctica, $5000                    
  • Tasman Bays Heritage Trust, Nelson Provincial Museum oral history project, $5000    
  • Waitakere Library & Information Services, The Crown Lynn story, $5000       
  • McKenzie Centre Community Trust, Power & Passion – Waitaki hydro scheme, $5500       
  • Fiona Clayton, Footloose & Fancy Free (people with physical disabilities), $6000  
  • Seahorse World Science Heritage and Education Trust, Oral history of Cook Strait whalers based in Tory Channel, $6000     
  • Waipuna o Hokianga, Oral history of Lake Omapere, Tai Tokerau, $6200            

Awards in Oral History for 2004

  • Carly Pokaia, $1000, Grassroots (whāngai adoption)
  • Anand Naran, $1420, How the tables have turned (oral history of DJs)
  • NZ Theatre Archive, $1500, The emergence of professional theatre in post-World War II New Zealand
  • Rowan Taylor, $2500, People of the lake: interviews with Pakeha fishers of Lake Ellesmere
  • Erolia Ifopo, $3000, Alofa atu I Kalaisetete: From Samoa to Christchurch with love
  • Phillip & Andrew Moore, $3000, A golden era in NZ skateboarding
  • Martin Rumsby, $3000, Film artist interviews
  • Ruth Greenaway, $3500, Otautahi/Christchurch peace stories project
  • Helen Beaglehole, $3900, Lighthouse keepers
  • Adele Broadbent, $5000, Volunteer Service Abroad volunteers of the 60s and 70s
  • Patrick Coleman, $5000, Loyal Orange Institution in the South Island
  • Jacqui Foley, $5000, Project Aqua oral history collection
  • Pip Oldham, $5080, Mike Walker: Levin-based film maker and photographer
  • Henry Chan, $5800, Chinese war refugees who arrived in NZ 1939 and 1940

Awards in Oral History for 2003

  • Lois Webster, Siu ki moana, $1000
  • New Zealand Theatre Archive, Development of professional theatre in the early ‘60s, $2000
  • Paekakariki Informed Community Inc, Paekakariki—Telling Our Story, $2140
  • Patricia Wallace, An oral history of Ngati Porou weaver, Nanny Whai Pooti Hitchiner, $2500
  • Friends of Porirua Hospital Museum, Oral history project, $3386
  • Denis Grennell, Ngati Kinohaku: Recording the oral histories of the last generation to grow up on Ngati Kinohaku marae, $3500
  • NZ Cartoon Archive Trust, New Zealand cartoonists, $3916
  • Helen Bollinger, West Coast oral history project: Hidden Treasure, $4050
  • Jacqui Foley, Harbour/Tyne St oral history project, Stage II , $4426
  • Sydney J Shep, Documenting Wellington’s rural heritage: An oral history of the Horokiwi rural community, $4735
  • Museum of Transport & Technology, Aviation Memories, $4750
  • Ruth Low, An oral history of the lives and works of drovers in Feilding and district, $5295
  • Tung Jung Assn of NZ, An oral history of Chinese migration to New Zealand, $5330
  • Wellington Niue Island Assn Inc, ‘We came to work and educate our children in this strange land’ , $5550
  • Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation,  Auckland Sexual Abuse Help oral history project , $5850
  • Amnesty International NZ, ‘Pacific Solution’ refugee interview project, $8000
  • Mary Donald, Art Taranaki, $8000

Awards in Oral History for 2002

  • Godley Head Heritage Trust, Oral history project, $1000
  • Jane Reeves, Tying the knot with tangata whenua, $1200
  • Te Ora Hou-Te-Tairawhiti, Nga korero maumahara, $1500
  • Wellington Rugby Football Union, An oral history of the WRFU, $3230
  • Picton Historical Society, Marlborough Sounds oral history project, $3650
  • Ngaroimata White-Winiata, Nga korero o nehera o Ngatiwai, $3700
  • Carmen Dalli, Maltese emigrants to NZ, $4000
  • Linda Cassells, Oral history of NZ publishing, $4134
  • Sandra Kay Robertson, To Rest in Peace, Stage 2, $4250
  • Anthony Haas, Being Palagi, $5000
  • Samoa Project, Samoan stories of migration, $5154
  • Jonathan Kennett, Cycling in New Zealand, $5632.50
  • Hunter Productions and Galue Malosi, Alofa atu I Kalaisetete—from Samoa to Christchurch with love, $5800
  • Nicola Robertson, Lyndhurst Country Women's Institute, $5900
  • Liz Catherall, PHG's war: NZ sappers in World War II, $6000
  • Women's Electoral Lobby (NZ), WEL Women who made a difference, $6180
  • Sarah Gaitanos, The life and theatre of Nola Millar, $6600
  • Shear History Trust, Life in the Sheds, $7000

Awards in Oral History for 2002

  • Rex Bloomfield and Glen Rowling, Sandy Bay Marahau oral history project , $800
  • Godley Head Heritage Trust, Oral history project, $1000
  • Jane Reeves, Tying the knot with tangata whenua, $1200
  • Te Ora Hou-Te-Tairawhiti, Nga korero maumahara, $1500
  • Wellington Rugby Football Union, An oral history of the WRFU, $3230
  • Picton Historical Society, Marlborough Sounds oral history project, $3650
  • Ngaroimata White-Winiata, Nga korero o nehera o Ngatiwai, $3700
  • Carmen Dalli, Maltese emigrants to New Zealand, $4000
  • Linda Cassells, Oral history of New Zealand publishing, $4134
  • Sandra Kay Robertson, To Rest in Peace, Stage 2, $4250
  • Anthony Haas, Being Palagi, $5000
  • Samoa Project, Samoan stories of migration, $5154
  • Jonathan Kennett, Cycling in New Zealand, $5632.50
  • Hunter Productions and Galue Malosi, Alofa atu I Kalaisetete—from Samoa to Christchurch with love, $5800
  • Nicola Robertson, Lyndhurst Country Women's Institute, $5900
  • Liz Catherall, PHG's war: New Zealand sappers in World War II, $6000
  • Women's Electoral Lobby (NZ), WEL Women who made a difference, $6180
  • Sarah Gaitanos, The life and theatre of Nola Millar, $6600
  • Shear History Trust, Life in the Sheds, $7000

Awards in Oral History for 2001

  • Zana Bell, Alice Horley: Auckland's first woman doctor — $1500
  • Hauraki Māori Wardens Assn, Aroha ki te tangata — $2615
  • Agricultural Heritage Museum, Agricultural/colonial oral history project — $3000
  • Anthony van Raat.  New Zealand architects talking about their work — $3000
  • Joseph Romanos & Don Neely, The Basin: A history of the Basin Reserve — $3000
  • Noel Waite, History of printing in Otago — $3491.50
  • Barbara Adams, An oral history of Tawa women — $3555
  • Alana Burney, Tahae Trainor and the 28 Māori Battalion — $3571
  • David Harrowfield, Historic sites in Ross Dependency, Antarctica — $3800 + GST
  • Grace Hutton, Sewn pictures: Tivaevae stories — $4000
  • Janice Wilson, The stitch of history — $4000
  • Ngati Kahungunu Iwi, Customary fishing research — $5000 + GST
  • Sue McCauley, Oral history of New Zealand TB sanatorium patients — $5400 + GST
  • Rachael Selby & Anne Thorpe, Otaki oral history project — $6000
  • Moana Maniapoto, Nga morehu — $9750 + GST
  • Te Tai o Marokura, Ngati Kuri: traditional use of indigenous plants, $1000

Awards in Oral History for 2000

  • Tararua Tramping Club, Oral history project with older members—$1000
  • Peter Whitelock, Newtown, Old Town: aspects of the social history of the suburb—$1000
  • Anna Soutar, Auckland Civic Theatre—$1400
  • Ann Trotter, Little Company of Mary in New Zealand—$1500
  • Hilary Stace, Thorndon School : 150 years of innovative inner-city education—$1650
  • Christopher Bourke, The Tangiwai disaster—$2000
  • Te Kahui Kaumatua Kaunihera o Nga Iwi o Taranaki, Taahuhu Korero o Taranaki—$3000
  • NZ Jewish Council, Jewish women in education—$3170
  • Dorothy McMenamin, Identity and status of Anglo-Indians in colonial India and New Zealand—$3500
  • Deborah Dunsford, Childhood in the Kumeu-Huapai district—$3600
  • Kim Morton, Raoul Island history project—$4500
  • Janice Aplin, Vintage Years: the wine industry in New Zealand—$5000
  • Sandra Robertson, To Rest in Peace: parents of people with intellectual disabilities—$5000
  • Jill Abigail, Otaki Citizens' Advice Bureau oral history project—$5000
  • Pukapuka Community of NZ, Pukapuka oral history project—$6000
  • Gisborne Museum & Arts Centre, Kapa Haka O Te Tairawhiti oral history project—$6088
  • Upper Hutt City Library, Oral history project—$6700
  • Jacqui Foley, An oral history of Harbour/Tyne St, Oamaru—$7985
  • Barry Rigby/David Young, Oral history of Waitangi Tribunal—$12,000

Awards in Oral History for 1999

  • Heritage Hokitika Society, Heritage Hokitika oral history project—$500
  • Governors Bay Heritage Trust, Oral histories of Governors Bay identities—$1000
  • Kerry Sinclair, Glenorchy 'deer wars' project—$1000
  • Mental Health Division Oral History Group. Sunnyside Hospital oral history project—$1500
  • Joel Zwartz. Early years of cave exploration in New Zealand—$1500
  • Mei Meri Solomon, Te Tatau Matua-our fathers' A Company, the 28 Māori Battalion—$1850
  • Te Runanga o Te Rarawa, Te Runanga o Te Rarawa oral history project—$2000
  • Hutt Valley Community Arts Centre, Oral histories from work sites in Petone and Lower Hutt—$2000
  • Elizabeth Hakaraia, Interviews with William Kerekere and Henare Te Ua—$3000
  • Whanganui Riverboat Restoration Trust, Riverboat stories from the Whanganui River—$3500
  • National Dance Archive of New Zealand, Prominent New Zealanders in dance history—$4000
  • Sunita Singh, Ocean Beach bach community project—$4500
  • Anna Rogers, New Zealand women nurses serving overseas, Boer War to Vietnam—$4600
  • Vera Egermayer, Oral histories of Czech immigrants to New Zealand, 1930s to present—$5000
  • Margaret McClure, Women on Divorce, 1950–1970—$5000
  • Wellington Women's Studies Association, Feminist oral history project—$5890
  • Trade Union History Project, Toa Wahine: the changing role of women in New Zealand trade unions—$7000
  • Anna Cottrell, Tales from the Pacific: New Zealanders in the Pacific in WW II—$8000
  • New Zealand Society of Authors, NZSA/PEN oral history project—$11,000
  • Phillipa Desmond, Te Aroha Trust women-then and now: the life stories of gang women in the 1970s—$11,000

Awards in Oral History for 1998

  • Wairarapa Cultural Trust, Oral history of 5 Wairarapa artists—$1000
  • New Zealand Family Daycare Association, 10 year anniversary history—$1500
  • Sharon Whittle, George Havell: 20th century reminiscences—$1786
  • Tessa Mitchell and Ben Holmes, Biography of Bob Lowry—$1858
  • Southland Oral History Project, Recording the past for the future—$2000
  • The Women's Gallery, 'Getting Free': oral history study of violence, resilience and recovery—$4000
  • IHC New Zealand, Oral history project—$4100
  • Damian Skinner, Theo Schoon—oral history project—$4100
  • Patsy Deverall, Biography of Yvonne Rust—$4600
  • Hamilton Public Library, Hamilton architects, 1930–1990—$5000
  • Jonathan Kennett, Oral history of the Tongariro Forest—$5000
  • NAC 50th Anniversary Society, NAC oral history project—$5000
  • Piha Community Library, Piha oral history project—$5000
  • Nga Taonga a Nga Tama Toa Trust, World War I Māori servicemen—$7000
  • New Zealand CCS Dunedin, Oral history of CCS in Dunedin since 1935—$7500
  • Jane Waddell, The player kings—$8000
  • Te Wananga o Raukawa, Oral history of Rangiatea—$8000
  • Haining St Oral History Group, Haining St oral history project—$8100

Awards in Oral History for 1997

  • Lower Hutt Women's Centre, Oral history project—$2000
  • Suzanne MacAulay, Oral history of 'professional' exiles in Wanganui—$2000
  • Sisters of Mercy, Oral history project—$2420
  • Adrienne Simpson, A social history of women's cricket—$2421
  • Hirini Reedy, Biculturalism in the New Zealand Army—$2500
  • New Zealand Association of Citizen's Advice Bureaux, Oral history project—$3000
  • Hawkes Bay Cultural Trust, Reflecting on disaster: Reminiscences from the survivors of New Zealand's worst natural disaster—$3900
  • Parekawhia McLean, Oral traditions and life stories of Ngati Mahanga Waikato—$4660
  • First Church of Otago, First church oral history project—$4749
  • Jane Collins, Identity issues for people of mixed Māori/Pakeha descent—$4912
  • New Zealand Medical Women's Association, Stories of diversity and success—women in medicine—$6318
  • Gore Historical Museum, Gore community oral history project—$6859
  • Kahungunu Māori Executive, Rakaipaka oral history project—$7119
  • Elizabeth Catherall, Tui contribution to World War II—$10,000
  • Tanenuiorangi Manawatu, Pu korero o Rangitane—$10,000
  • Golden Shears Society, Past champions oral history project—$10,000

Awards in Oral History for 1996

  • Te Aute College Archives Committee, Te Aute College Archives—$1000
  • S.N. Berghan, Paroa Rugby and Sports Club 75th anniversary memories—$1200
  • Project Port Lyttelton, Port Lyttelton oral history—$1670
  • Mangawhai Historical Society, Memories of early families from Mangawhai and Hakaru—$2000
  • Bainham Reunion Committee, History heritage of Bainham—$2050
  • Alexandra District Historical Society, A Taste of Gold: an oral history of stone fruit growing Conroy's Gully, Alexandra—$2400
  • Judith Holloway, Pincher Martin Seamen's Union President—$3140
  • Tarewa Rota, Kaka Niao—He mau korero no te ao tauwhito—$3270
  • Haining St Oral History Group, Haining St oral history project—$3780
  • Jennie Gallagher, Women and mountaineering 1920-1950—$5000
  • Julian McCarthy, What did you do in the war Daddy?—$5000
  • Felicity Stacey-Clark, Onekaka Ironworks—an oral history—$5258
  • Te Iwi o Te Roroa, Te Roroa Māori life histories project—$5300
  • Barry Thomas, The Cuba Project—$9107
  • Jerome Cvitanovich, Migrants of former Yugoslavia—$9213
  • Jill Pierce, Life stories of single parent families—$10,000
  • Punga Productions, Oral history of contemporary Māori theatre since 1960—$10,000

Awards in Oral History for 1995

  • Te Awamutu District Museum, Recording memories of VE and VJ Days in Te Awamutu—$500
  • Helensville and District Historical Society, Māori memories of the Kaipara—$1000
  • Leslie Clare, Oral history of the New Zealand wool trade—$1500
  • Hawkes Bay Oral History Project—$2000
  • Vicki Jones ,Ngahinepouri oral history project—$2000
  • Rachel Lord, Artists and artisans of Banks Peninsula—$2000
  • Maija Vasils, Latvians in New Zealand from 1950—$2000
  • Lois Webster, Some oral histories of the Tongan community—$2000
  • Dunedin YWCA, Y Auxiliary oral history project—$2000
  • Museum of Transport and Technology, Oral archive of people who flew in or worked on the Lancaster Bomber and the Teal Solent Flying Boat—$2500,
  • New Zealand Education InstituteTe Riu Roa, Neville Lambert Memorial Oral Archive — $2500,
  • Michael Walsh, Whanaungatanga: Nga Rauru me Ngati Wehiwehi—$2500
  • Senorita Laukau, The settling of the Tongan people in the Hutt Valley—$3000
  • Adam Gifford and Shane Jones, Nga Rangatira: Māori leadership in the 1990s—$4000
  • Sarah Gaitanos, Te Kura Toi Whakaari o Aotearoa: New Zealand Drama School—$4800
  • Julia Bradshaw, Haast oral history project—$5000
  • Lois Cox, Life stories of older lesbian women—$5000
  • Jacqueline Foley, Life stories of Northern Irish immigrants—$5000
  • Helen Harte, Māori childbirth in the 1930s—$5000
  • Tui and Evelyn Macdonald, Race relations then and now: Māori/Pakeha relationships—$5000
  • Ian Robertson, Wellington City Transport European migrants project—$5000
  • C Company 28 Māori Battalion Research Committee, C Company, 28 Māori Battalion history—$5000

Awards in Oral History for 1994

  • R. and J. Paton, Labour movement oral history project—$1173
  • Claire Loftus Nelson, Birth stories—$2000
  • Jennifer Briars, Oral history of the German settlement of Sarau—$2300
  • YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley, YWCA oral history project—$2156.50
  • Wellington Maritime Museum, Fishing for history—$2500
  • Gabrielle Huria, Life stories of Noeline and George Fife—$3000
  • James Allan, Gay men in Aotearoa—$3000
  • Greater Green Island Oral History Memory Bank, Oral history project—$3000
  • Anne Noble, Takahanga Marae project—$2744
  • Jeanne Lomax, Memories of Tokelau-born New Zealand women—$3200
  • Wellington Huntington's Disease Association, Stories of those affected by Huntington's Disease—$3500
  • Nari Shakti, Indian women in Aotearoa—$3650
  • Prisoners' Aid and Rehabilitation Society, Oral history project—$4000
  • R.T.V. Linnell, History of the army in New Zealand during World War II—$4000
  • Hana Te Hemara, Nga Tamatoa: nga korero whakapuaki—$5000
  • Te Reo Irirangi o Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati Kahungunu oral history project—$5000
  • Te Runanga o Ngati Kuia, Oral history of Ngati Kuia—$5000
  • Kerry Taylor, Participants in the 1951 waterfront lockout—$7000
  • Pefi Kingi, Profiles of our Pacific mothers—$7000

Awards in Oral History for 1993

  • Te Awamutu Historical Society, History of Pirongia—$1000
  • Cleone Blomfield, Three women who came to Middlemarch—$500
  • Peggy Crawford, A century of orphans and orphanages in New Zealand—$1500
  • Susan Fowke, The Dames—$5000
  • Jacqueline Gallagher, Reading, Writing, and Rosaries—$2000
  • Bradford Haami, The life of Dr Golan Maaka—$7000
  • Helensville and District Historical Society, Oral History research, Kaipara area—$1000
  • Murray Hemi, Mangakino-Ngati Moe Heartland—$8000
  • Hutt Valley Branch National Council of Women, NCW narratives from a century—$12,000
  • Frances Katene, Oral Herstories of Ngatitoa women—$1900
  • Colin McColl, Creation and development of Downstage Theatre—$4550
  • Manawatu Museum, Manawatu and its people—$7000
  • Merivale Community Group, Merivale-Tauranga Oral History Project—$7000
  • Moana Moeka'a, Beginnings of the PIC Church in New Zealand—$1500
  • New Zealand Association of the Blind and Partially Blind, 50th anniversary history—$5000
  • Otago Maritime Society, Merchant Navy Oral History Project—$1500
  • Jane Poetsch and Natasha Hammond, Tukorehe and its people—$1500
  • Rangahau-a-Iwi Trust, Traditional hoe waka in Te Arawa—$2500
  • Straightline Youth Development Trust, Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana—the man, the prophet, the politician—$3000
  • Jane Waddell. The Player Queens—$7000
  • Whanganui Regional Museum, The men in our lives—$9000
  • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Wellington Branch, Oral history of older WILPF members—$2500

Awards in Oral History for 1992

  • Marie Burgess, Oral history of nurses and midwives—$7200
  • Karen Davis, Oral history of Te Roopu Rawakore o Aotearoa—$10,000
  • Joy Green, The changing role of stock and station firms in North Otago—$3650
  • Rawene Library, Rawene Oral Archives—$495
  • Merania Kapete and Helen Frizzell, Women and work, paid and unpaid—$2852
  • B. and I. Maguire, Catholic education in Gisborne, 1894-1994—$500
  • Robyn Mason, Study of a bach community in the southern Wairarapa—$1500
  • Halina Ogonowska-Coates, Oral history of J-Force members—$5530
  • Alison Parr, Post-war psychological experience of World War II veterans and their families—$10,000
  • Bruce Petry, Oral history of architecture post-World War II—$5589
  • New Zealand-Netherlands Foundation, Oral history of Dutch immigrants—$10,000
  • Pepe and Christine Robertson, Tama'ita'i Samoa: Ladies of Samoa—$10,000
  • Turoa Royal, Oral history of Ngati Kikopiri—$1019
  • Monty Soutar, Centennial history of the Hiruharama District, 1895-1995—$12,000
  • Hilary Stace, Wadestown Playcentre, 1942-92—$300

Awards in Oral History for 1991

  • Jan Bolwell, Some key personalities in New Zealand dance—$1466
  • Hobson Wharf Maritime Museum, Oral history archive—$5000
  • Taranaki Museum, Petrochemical industry—$5000
  • Hamilton Public Library, Dinsdale Community Oral History Project—$4000
  • Alison Gray, Mothers and daughters—$5000
  • Waipatu Marae Committee, Nga tikanga o Heretaunga—$7500
  • Rawene Public Library, Rawene oral archives—$1231
  • Haare Williams, Recording the living repositories of whaikorero—$5000
  • Helen Jordan, Great Barrier Island: a study of its people—$1576
  • Women with Benefits Network, Women parenting alone, 1945-1990—$7500
  • Maniapoto Māori Trust Board, Maniapoto Māori oral history research—$7500
  • Paul Madgwick, Kati Mahaki kaumatua—$800
  • Patrick Parsons, Nga morehu—$5000
  • Barry Rigby, Remembering the Mau: E Le Galo Le Mau—$7500
  • Jeremy Rose, Pakeha and Māori of the East Cape: their lives and relationship to the land—$4000
  • Waikato District Committee New Zealand Historic Places Trust, Huntly coalfields oral history project—$7500
  • Jane Tolerton, Convent girls—$5000
  • Masterton Public Library, Tinui Flood—$1000
  • Ngati Koata Trust, The gathering of treasures for the iwi of Ngati Koata—$5000
  • Sr Bernadette Mary Wrack, The early history of the Sisters of Compassion—$1500.


Updated on 16th September 2022