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New Zealand History Research Trust recipients

The New Zealand History Research Trust Fund has granted Awards in History since 1990. Since that time the Awards in History have supported over 300 projects, totalling almost $2.8 million.

Whiria Te Whiria Te Mahara New Zealand History Grants 2023

Applications received: 77
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $108,200

Recipient Name Description Amount
Whina Te Whiu Te Toi Ora o Waimirirangi Reviving Moko Mataora kanohi $12,000
Karen Wrigglesworth Blooming Impossible: A life of ‘iris lady’ Jean Stevens $12,000
Jennifer Ashton Ambassadors of the East: The Wreck of the Endeavour in Dusky Sound and Aotearoa New Zealand’s Early Connection to Asia $8,700
Jane Malthus The Visionary World of Eden Hore $10,000
Chris Cochran Woolsheds of the Wairarapa - An Architect’s Appreciation of a New Zealand Vernacular $11,500
Annabel Cooper The Haywards: A Portrait of an Entertaining Family $12,000
Samuel Day Taking Action Against Institutional Racism: The History of the Auckland Committee On Racism and Discrimination $12,000
Mark Derby Son of Satan or Prophet of Peace? – Hakaraia Mahika and the Tauranga Wars $12,000
Pamela Wood Symptoms of Settlement: Health and Sickness in New Zealand Settlers’ Lives $8,000
Antonella Sarti Evans The Cultural Benefits of New Zealand and Italian connections through Italian immigration to Aotearoa from the 1950s to date $10,000

Mahara New Zealand History Grants 2022

Applications received: 63
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded: $104,800

Recipient Name Description Amount
Jeff Evans Ngā Tokimatawhaorua - the biography of a waka taua $9,200
Alida Shanks “We just wanted to play”: Exploring the history of women in football in Aotearoa New Zealand $12,000
Paul White Te Iringa-a-Tūpoto; a hapū history $12,000
Joanna Boileau and André Taber History of Chinese Restaurants in Aotearoa $12,000
Elle Loui August Margery Blackman Legacy Project $11,600
Rebecca Lenihan Colonists in Uniform $12,000
Gareth Shute Songs From The Shaky Isles $12,000
Susan Martin A dangerous time to be disabled: Intellectual disability in New Zealand from the 1950s to the 2000s - a story of two brothers $12,000
Mark Forman Tony Fomison: A Biography $12,000

Whiria Te Mahara New Zealand History Grants 2021

Applications received: 91
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded : $106,000

Recipient name Description Amount
Bolin Hu Caught In-Between: Chinese in New Zealand, New Zealanders in China and the War in Asia, 1931–1949 $12,000
Jade Kake Rewi Thompson $12,000
Hamish McDougall Staying Alive: New Zealand, Britain and European integration, 1960-85 $12,000
Diana Morrow Ruth Dallas: A Life $10,000
Ōtorohanga Historical Society Information text panels for Ōtorohanga Museum $12,000
Roger Shepherd Great Sounds Great: Journeys Through the Music of Flying Nun Records $12,000
John Walsh Nobody’s Soldier: Gerald Melling, architect and writer $12,000
Ross Webb 'In Defence of Living Standards': The Federation of Labour, Politics, and Economic Crisis, 1975-1987 $12,000
Mere Whaanga A cultural map of Pāparatu Station $12,000

Awards in History for 2020/21

Applications received: 66
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded: $100,500

Recipient name Description Amount
Sarah Johnston New Zealand radio 1939-1945: war, listening and national identity $12,000
Louise Kewene-Doig It’s a Māori Melody: A selection of Māori music experiences of the 1960s explored through the Māori Showband movement $12,000
Felicity Goodyear-Smith Auckland Medical Aid: establishment and ongoing provision of abortion services for New Zealand women $6,500
Jared Davidson Blood and Dirt: Prison Labour and the Making of New Zealand $12,000
Anne Else Adoption and related issues since 1991 $10,000
Jacqueline Leckie There is no depression in New Zealand $12,000
Lissa Mitchell In the Dark: women and New Zealand photography to 1960 $12,000
Fiona McKergow Colonial Textile Culture in Mid-Nineteenth Century Aotearoa New Zealand $12,000
Marinus La Rooij “The Jews are to Blame!” Arthur Nelson Field, antisemitism and the myth of the Jewish World Conspiracy in inter-war New Zealand $12,000

Awards in History for 2020

Applications received: 66
Awards made: 8
Amount awarded : $96,000

Recipient name Description Amount
Ellen Anderson Matangireia - Centenary History of the First Māori Affairs Committee Room in Parliament $12,000
Rachel Buchanan Te Motunui Epa: on the trail of a globetrotting taonga $12,000
Matthew Cunningham Vanguard: A history of the far right in New Zealand $12,000
Mark Derby Battlefield Surgeon: NZ Medical Pioneer Doug Jolly $12,000
Pania Te Whaiti Kōrero: The diaries of Iraia te Ama o te Rangi Te Whaiti 1890-1918 $12,000
Elizabeth Ward For Light and Liberty: A History of the Reform Party $12,000
Monica Webb No Half Measure: The Political World of Lady Anna Stout $12,000
Jonathan West Mirrors on the Land: Histories of New Zealand $12,000

Awards in History for 2019

Applications received: 66
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $106,025

Recipient name Description Amount
Nick Bollinger Revolutions per minute: the counterculture in New Zealand $12,000
Helen Bones The evolution of the Tasman writing world in the twentieth century $12,000
Ross Calman He pukapuka tātaku i ngā mahi a Te Rauparaha nui/A record of the life of the great Te Rauparaha: A bilingual edition of Tāmihana Te Rauparaha's Life of Te Rauparaha $12,000
John Cookson Little republics: county and municipal government in New Zealand to 1940 $9345
Rosi Crane Skeletons in the attic: a history of the Otago Museum $4230
Victoria Froude Largely unseen; a history of New Zealand's marine environments from pre-human times to today $11,950
Nadia Gush About? A social history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer women in Aotearoa New Zealand during the 1980s $12,000
Catherine Knight The long shadow of reform: The impacts of the 1980s public sector reforms on environmental stewardship in New Zealand $12,000
Rebecca Macfie The life and times of Helen Kelly $8500
Vincent O'Malley The New Zealand wars $12,000

Awards in History for 2018

Applications received: 44
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $100,250

Recipient name Description Amount
Ryan Bodman Rugby league: a New Zealand history $12,000
Morgan Godfery Dissent: a New Zealand anthology $10,000
David Grant The seditionists and their heritage: a tale of two world wars $10,000
Jennifer S. Kain Insanity and immigration control in New Zealand and Australia $7200
Angela Lassig A visual history of New Zealand dress $12,000
Margaret Lovell-Smith and Daniel Bartlett Voices against war: pacifists, conscientious objectors, and their supporters in World War One Canterbury $10,000
Keith Newman Hidden heritage of the Cape Coast $12,000
Hazel Petrie Immigrant city: how seven generations have shaped Auckland $12,000
Aleisha Ward Jazzy nerves, aching feet, and foxtrots: the Jazz Age in New Zealand $12,000
Peter Wilkins Ripapa: an island in time; Godley Head: they also served who only stood and waited $3050

Awards in History for 2017

Applications received: 67
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $121,750

Recipient name Description Amount
Peter Clayworth The unsuppressible one: a biography of Patrick Hodgens Hickey $12,000
Aaron Fox Brigadier James Hargest: a biography $12,000
Michael Kelly and Ben Schrader Won and lost: saving New Zealand's built heritage 1885-2016 $12,000
John E. Martin A colonial's gaze: Charles Rooking Carter $12,000
Jane McCabe Kalimpong kids: the New Zealand story $5,000
Hilary and John Mitchell Isaac Coates, portrait artist, and his Māori subjects $12,000
Diana Morrow Perfecting paradise: the Edgers and the world's social laboratory $12,000
Geoff Norman Birdstories $12,000
Marianne Schultz The history of Limbs Dance Company $12,000
David Welch The Port Hills of Canterbury and the story of the Lyttelton Railway Tunnel $8,750
Matthew Wright Waitangi: a living treaty $12,000

Awards in History for 2016

Applications received: 43
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $122,300

Recipient name Description Amount
Jennifer Ashton The Histories of Charlotte Badger $9,500
Rosemary Baird Stories from the Manapouri Hydro Project $11,500
Catherine Bishop Commerce was a Woman $12,000
Mark Derby Mautini, the Hidden History of Mt Eden Prison $12,000
Basil Keane The Māori Parliament, Kotahitanga from 1892-1902 $12,000
Carol Markwell Blanche Baughan, a biography $12,000
Peter Mesenhoeller Historic landscapes and differing perceptions: Ernst Dieffenbach's album;Sketches and Views from New Zealand 1841 $8,500
Philip Norman History of composition in New Zealand $12,000
Ken Ross New Zealand prime ministerial diplomacy since 1945 $12,000
Lucy Treep Biography of Maurice Shadbolt $10,762
Georgina White The delusions of Dr Felkin $10,110

Awards in History for 2015

Applications received: 67
Awards made: 6
Amount awarded: $118,000

The successful applicants for 2015 are:

Major award: Redmer Yska, Katherine Mansfield’s formative Wellington years - $60,000

Other awards:

  • Elizabeth Caffin, A history of book publishing in New Zealand, $12,000
  • Peter Franks, Centennial history of the New Zealand Labour Party, $12,000
  • Roger Horrocks, The evolution of the arts in New Zealand, $10,000
  • Catherine Knight, An environmental history of rivers in New Zealand, $12,000 and
  • Jane Tolerton, New Zealand Women in the First World War, also $12,000.

The New Zealand History Research Trust Fund also made four publishers grants totalling $20,000 to:

  • Auckland University Press, for Tony Ballantyne, Missionaries, Māori and the Entanglements of Empire, $5,000
  • Auckland University Press, for Hazel Petrie, Outcasts of the Gods: ­Slavery and Freedom in New Zealand, $5,000
  • Bridget Williams Books, for Vincent O’Malley, The Waikato War, $5,000 and
  • Penguin Books, for Ron Crosby, Kūpapa: The Bitter Legacy of Māori Alliances with the Crown, $5,000.

Awards in History for 2014

Applications received: 68
Awards made: 7
Amount awarded: $125,946

The successful applicants for 2014 are:

Major award: Robert Peden, Crinoline skirts and nailed boots: women on the pastoral frontier in nineteenth century New Zealand – $60,000

Other awards:

  • Helen Beaglehole, A history of the Marlborough Sounds – $12,000
  • Kirby-Jane Hallum, The New Zealand New Woman : feminism and empire, 1880-1920 - $10,796
  • Roberta McIntyre, 'All this is shrouded in mystery' : a history of William Barnard Rhodes and Mary Ann, his Māori daughter and heiress - $12,000
  • John Reid, A Social and cultural history of Pacific Films - $12,000
  • Natalie Smith, From the margin to the centre, transforming the home sewer into a fashion star : the history of the Benson and Hedges Fashion Design Awards 1964-1998 - $10,500
  • Jonathan West, The Otago Peninsula : an environmental history, - $8650

The New Zealand History Research Trust Fund also made three publisher grants, amounting to $20,000:

  • Bridget Williams Books, for Atholl Anderson et al, 'Tangata Whenua : an illustrated history' - $10,000
  • Penguin Books, for Christopher Pugsley's Fighting for New Zealand : the Second NZ Division at War' - $5.000
  • Victoria University Press, for Stephen Loveridge's 'Call to arms : New Zealand society and commitment to the Grear War' - $5,000.

Awards in History for 2013

Applications received: 52
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $150,000

The successful applicants for 2013 are:

Major award: Ron Crosby, Kūpapa : Iwi loyal to the Crown – $60,000

Other awards:

  • Te Awhina Arahanga, History of Fish and Chips – $10,000 – Auckland
  • Manuhuia Barcham, The First Māori Renaissance – $12,000 – Palmerston North
  • Andrew Francis, ‘A Serious Menace to the Community?’: Internment in New Zealand during the Great War – $6,000 – Wellington
  • Steven Loveridge, ‘Sentimental Equipment’: New Zealand, the Great War and Cultural Mobilisation – $6,000 – Wellington
  • New Zealand Red Cross, History of the NZ Red Cross – $12,000 – Wellington
  • Ngati Awa Research and Archives Trust, Mataatua Wharenui: Mataatua, the House that came home – $12,000 – Whakatane (/ Otago for subject)
  • Vincent O’Sullivan, The Questing Mind, the Public Good: A Life of Robin Williams – $10,000 – Dunedin (/Wellington for subject)
  • Rebecca Priestley, The Awa Book of Antarctic Science – $6,000 – Wellington
  • Georgina White, The Forerunners – $10,000 – Wellington
  • Matthew Wright, Coal – From Hero to Zero: the Kiwi Social History – $6,000 – Wellington.

The New Zealand History Research Trust Fund also made five publisher grants, amounting to $25,000:

  • Auckland University Press, for Gerald Hensley’s ‘Friendly Fire: Nuclear Politics and the Collapse of ANZUS, 1984-1987 – $5,000
  • Bridget Williams Books, for Barbara Brookes’ ‘History of New Zealand Women’ – $5,000
  • Bridget Williams Books, for Melissa Matutina Williams’ ‘Back Home and Home in the City’ – $5,000
  • Otago University Press, for Jude Wilson’s ‘The Flying Kiwis: A History of the OE’ – $5,000
  • Penguin Books, for Tom Brookings’ ‘The People’s Servant: A Biography of Richard John Seddon’ – $5,000.

Awards in History for 2012

Applications received: 64
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded: $147,500
The successful applicants for 2012 are:

Major award: Chris Maclean and Shaun Barnett, ‘Wanderlust: a history of tramping in New Zealand’ – $60,000

Other awards:

  • Jarrod Gilbert, ‘The history of gangs in New Zealand’ – $7500
  • A biography of Norman Kirk’ – $12,000
  • Catherine Knight, ‘Forested hinterland to pastoral province: the environmental transformation of the Manawatu’ – $12,000
  • Susann Liebich, ‘Reading culture and community in Timaru, 1890-1939’ – $10,000
  • Angela Middleton, ‘Mission life in the Bay of Islands, 1814-1840’ – $12,000
  • Margaret Pointer, ‘Niue, 1774-1974: 200 years of contact, interaction and change’ – $10,000
  • David Veart, ‘Hello girls and boys: the New Zealand toy story’ – $12,000
  • John Wilson, ‘Lost Christchurch’ – $12,000

The New Zealand History Trust Fund also made five publishers grants, amounting to $24,000.

  • Bernard Cadogan, 'George Grey' (Penguin) -$5000
  • Alison Clarke, 'Meeting little strangers : childbirth in nineteenth-century New Zealand' (Bridget Williams Books) - $5000
  • Cybele Locke, 'Workers in the margins : union radicals in post-war New Zealand' (Bridget Williams Books) - $5000
  • Vincent O'Malley, 'The meeting place : Māori and Pakeha encounters 1642-1840' (Auckland University Press) - $5000
  • Rebecca Priestley, 'Nuclear NZ : New Zealand's nuclear and radiation history to 1987' (Auckland University Press) - $4000

Awards in History for 2011

Applications received: 66
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $150,000
The successful applicants for 2011 are:

Major award: Brian Easton, ‘Not in Narrow Seas: A History of New Zealand from an Economic Perspective’ - $60,000

Other awards:


The successful applicants for 2011 are:

  • Charles Clark, ‘Waves Against the Shore: A Maritime History of the New Zealand Wars’ - $4000
  • Paul Diamond, ‘A Biography of Charles Mackay’ - $8000
  • Sarah Gallagher, ‘My Flat, Your Flat, Our Place: Preserving an Ephemeral Print Culture’ - $8000
  • Penny Griffith, ‘In Her Own Right: A Biography of Millicent Baxter’ - $12,000
  • Gerald Hensley, ‘Friendly Fire: A History of the ANZUS Dispute’ - $12,000
  • Fiona McKergow and Kerry Taylor, ‘Te Hao Nui - The Great Catch: Object Stories from Te Manawa’ - $12,000
  • Bill Morris, ‘Whaling Nation’ - $10,000
  • Rebecca Priestley, ‘New Zealand’s Nuclear History to 1987’ - $12,000
  • Keith Scott, ‘“Dear Dot …”: Extraordinary Tales, Ordinary Lives: The Story of the Children’s Column of the Otago Witness, 1876-1936’ - $12,000

Awards in History for 2010

Applications received: 81
Awards made: 12
Amount awarded: $100,000

  • Helen Beaglehole, Rural fire-fighting in New Zealand - $8000
  • Trevor Bentley, Tribal guns, tribal gunners: New Zealand's lost age of Māori artillery - $5000
  • David Colquhoun, The Royal Tour of 1920 - $10,000
  • Stevan Eldred-Grigg, The Great Wrong War: a social history of New Zealanders during the First World War - $10,000
  • Ian Grant, Deadlines: New Zealand newspapers from 1840 to 2010 - $5000
  • Andrew Gregg & Stephanie Rowe, A life of Leonard Cockayne - $5000
  • Malcolm McKinnon, A history of the depression of the 1930s in New Zealand - $12,00
  • Vincent O'Malley, Cultural encounter on the New Zealand frontier: the meeting of Māori and Pakeha, 1769-1840 - $10,000
  • Gwen Parsons, Turning soldiers into 'Useful citizens and Wage-Earners': Great War veterans and repatriation, 1918-1928 - $8000
  • Russell Stone, Growing up in Grey Lynn: a memoir of interwar Auckland - $5000
  • Oliver Sutherland, Paikea: the life and times of Ivan L.G. Sutherland - $10,000
  • Jill Trevelyan, A history of the Peter McLeavey Gallery - $12,000


Awards in History for 2009

Applications received: 81
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $100,000

The successful applicants for 2009 are:

  • John Armstrong, ‘Under one roof’: a history of Waikato Hospital – $10,000
  • Ian Dougherty, A biography of Rutherford Waddell – $12,000
  • David Harrowfield, ‘Call of the mountains’: a history of New Zealand mountaineering – $12,000
  • Paul Meredith, ‘Homeward bound’: a journey with King Te Rata to England – $8000
  • Hilary & John Mitchell, ‘Nga Tupuna Tuturu’: the founding ancestors – $6000
  • Paul Monin, Māori ships 1840–70: a case study of Māori engagement with colonial capitalism – $8000
  • Bill O’Brien, ‘Takahe, trophies and tonsils’: the extraordinary life of Dr Geoffrey Orbell – $8000
  • Russell Standing, ‘The works’: a history of Patea Freezing Company, 1883–1982 – $12,000
  • Nancy Swarbrick, ‘Pets and people’: a history of companion animals and their owners in New Zealand – $12,000
  • Redmer Yska, ‘Thunderer’: the rise and fall of NZ Truth, New Zealand’s first press giant – $12,000

Awards in History for 2008

Applications received:79
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $100,000

The successful applicants for 2008 are:

  • Diana Brown, A Biography of Dr Muriel Bell – $8000
  • Alison Clarke, Childbirth Rituals in 19th Century New Zealand – $10,000
  • Neil Clayton, Over the Hedge: A History of New Zealanders and their Weeds – $10,000
  • William Cottrell, ‘New New Zealand’: Domestic Interiors and Products 1840 to 1910 – $10,000
  • Joseph Romanos, Our Olympic Century: New Zealand’s First 100 Years at the Olympic Games – $25,000
  • Suzanne Scheele, An Economic and Social History of the New Zealand Flax Fibre Industry – $6500
  • Tim Shoebridge, The Good Citizen: A Life of C.E. Daniell – $4000
  • Lynette Shum, Representing Chinatown: Wellington’s Haining Street 1920–60 – $5000
  • Jude Wilson, Flight of the Kiwi: The History of the ‘OE’ – $10,000
  • Bernard Wood, Maori Rugby League 1908–2007 – $5500
  • Matthew Wright, Old South: A History of the South Island to 1890 – $6000

Awards in History for 2007

Applications received: 64
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $95,000

  • Jennifer Carlyon & Diana Morrow, ‘A History of Freeman’s Bay, Ponsonby and St Mary’s Bay’ – $10,000
  • Paul Diamond, ‘The Life and Times of Makereti Papakura’ – $10,000
  • Stephen Donald, ‘Uawa-nui-a-Ruamatua: Māori and Pakeha at Tolaga Bay, 1769–1940’ – $10,000
  • David Grant, ‘A Biography of Ken Douglas’ – $20,000
  • Graeme Hunt, ‘Spies and Revolutionaries: A History of Subversion in New Zealand’ – $6,000
  • Donald Kerr, ‘A Bio-bibliographical Study on Dr Thomas Morland Hocken’ – $7,000
  • Ruth Low, ‘The Story of Droving in New Zealand’ – $5,000
  • Veronika Meduna & Rebecca Priestley, ‘Butterflies, Boffins and Black Smokers: Two Centuries of New Zealand Scientists’ – $6,000
  • Lydia Monin, ‘From Poverty Bay to Broadway: The Tom Heeney Story’ – $7,000
  • Jill Trevelyan, ‘That Fine Thread of Beauty: A Life of Rita Angus’ – $10,000
  • Brian Wood, ‘One Too Many: The Strongman Mine Disaster, 1967’ – $4,000

Awards in History for 2006

Applications received: 65
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • David Harrowfield, 'To Strive, to Seek, to Find and Not to Yield: New Zealand and the Antarctic, 1957–2007' – $9000
  • Hilary & John Mitchell, 'Te Ara Hou: A History of Māori of Nelson and Marlborough, Vol II' – $26,000
  • Valerie Monk, 'Crown Lynn: A Celebration' – $7500
  • Ben Schrader, 'An Urban Country: A History of Urban Society, Culture and Identity in New Zealand' – $12,000
  • Damian Skinner, 'Peter McIntyre: Brushes with the Heartland' – $6000
  • Hilary Stace, 'Salisbury Garden Court Documentary Film' – $3000
  • Hamish Thompson, 'All Aboard!: An Illustrated History of the Railways Advertising Studios' – $8000
  • John Wilson, 'A History of Addington' – $7500
  • Bernard Wood, 'The Kiwis: 100 Years of Rugby League in New Zealand' – $7500
  • Matthew Wright, 'New Zealand Military Heroes' – $3500

Awards in History for 2005

Applications received: 63
Awards made: 13
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Sarah Davy, 'A Biography of Bee Nilson', $6000
  • Gabrielle Fortune, 'Mr Jones' Wives: War Brides of New Zealand World War II Servicemen', $8000
  • Margaret Hayward, 'Prime Ministerial Leadership in New Zealand, 1960–2000', $10,000
  • Rosalina McCarthy, 'Belated Accolades: Rosaline Margaret Frank and the Tyree Photographic Studio', $6000
  • Roberta McIntyre, 'A History of the South Island High Country', $8000
  • James McNeish, 'The Sixth Man: A Life of Paddy Costello', $10,000
  • Jessie Munro, 'The Correspondence and Other Writings of Suzanne Aubert', $10,000
  • Philip Norman, 'From a Summer School to the Olympics: The Rise of New Zealand Composition, 1946–2004', $12,000
  • Andrew Schmidt, 'Mysterex: Punk Rock and Youth Culture in New Zealand, 1976–83', $3000
  • Mary Stewart, 'Connecting the Two Sides of Our Little Globe: The Life and Writings of a Scottish Settler', $5000
  • Paul Waite, 'William H. Gummer, Architect', $5000
  • Joan Woodward and Glenys Mitchell, 'The Diaries and Biography of Jane Emily Peter, a South Canterbury Nurse', $3000
  • Susan Yoffe, 'History of Rangitoto Island Bach Communities Post World War II', $4000

Awards in History for 2004

Applications received: 80

Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Shaun Barnett, 'New Zealand Forest Parks: A History and Celebration of New Zealand's 17 Forest Parks' – $7,500
  • Helen Beaglehole, 'Lighting the Coast: A History of New Zealand's Manned Coastal Lighthouses' – $5,000
  • Maureen Birchfield, 'An Authorised Biography of Elsie Locke' – $30,000
  • Stephen Deed, 'The Development of the New Zealand Cemetery, 1769–1914' – $6,000
  • Joanne Drayton, 'A Biography of Frances Hodgkins' – $5,500
  • Helen Frizzell, 'Presbyterian Support Otago Centennial History' – $9,000
  • Philip Norman, 'A Biography of the New Zealand Composer Douglas Lilburn' – $5,000
  • Hazel Riseborough, 'Ngamatea: The Story of a High Country Station' – $5,000
  • Kirstie Ross, 'A Proper Sense of Country: A Visual, Cultural and Social History of Pakeha Outdoor Leisure' – $4,000
  • Rory Sweetman, 'A Biography of Dr James Kelly, Editor of the New Zealand Tablet, 1917–1931' – $11,000
  • Lois Webster, 'Siu ki Moana: Tongan–New Zealand Pathways, 1880–1950' – $5,000

Awards in History for 2003

Applications received: 87
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded: $85,000

  • Henry Chan, The History of the Zengcheng Chinese People in New Zealand,$10,000
  • Merata Kawharu, A Tangata Whenua Perspective on the History of Tamaki, $9,000
  • Eugen Lepou, Samoa to New Zealand: The Immigrants Story, $5,000
  • Chris Maclean, Wellington, $26,000
  • Peter McQuarrie, A History of Tokelau, $5,000
  • Joanna Orwin, The Story of Kauri, $9,000
  • Damian Skinner, Lyonel Grant and the Expanding Horizons of Customary Carving, $3,000
  • Trade Union History Project, Lockout: The 1951 Waterfront Dispute in Retrospect, $8,000
  • Mere Whaanga, Historical Records of Matauranga Māori, $10,000

Awards in History for 2002

Applications received: 59
Awards made: 12
Amount awarded: $85,000

  • Simon Boyce, Influence of economic advisers in the 1930s, $1000
  • Graham Bishop, Biography of Alexander McKay, $10,000
  • Margaret Alington, Biography of Frederick Thatcher, $4000
  • Richard & Marianne Davis, Biography of George Shannon, $4000
  • Julia Bradshaw, Women on the goldfields, $10,000
  • Senka Bozic-Vrbancic & Mario Vrbancic, Social history of Croats in NZ, $10,000
  • Rebecca Hayward, The contribution of New Zealand scholars to the study of the written word, $6000
  • Raeburn Lange, Te Aute College conferences, $10,000
  • Mark Derby, Biography of John Cullen, $10,000 (plus GST)
  • Leonore Hoke, The work of Ferdinand von Hochstetter, $5000
  • Nga Taonga a Nga Tama Toa Trust, Māori war effort in Tairawhiti, $10,000 (plus GST)
  • Tim Bollinger, History of comics, $5000

Awards in History for 2001

Applications received: 71
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $85,000

  • John Barrington, History of Barrington family, $8000
  • Roger Collins, Biography of Owen Merton, $3000
  • Ian Dougherty, Biography of A.H. Reed, $12,000
  • Sarah Gaitanos, Biography of Nola Millar, $10,000
  • Brita McVeigh, History of Air Hostesses, $7000
  • Len Richardson, Biography of Anthony Wilding, $12,000
  • Anna Rogers, Nurses at War, 18991946, $11,000 (plus GST)
  • Adrienne Simpson, History of women's cricket, $12,000
  • Rowland Taylor, History of Antipodes and Bounty Islands, $6000 (plus GST)
  • Bruce Wallace, History of Fletcher Challenge, $4000 (plus GST)

Awards in History for 2000

Applications received: 112
Awards made: 12, 11 accepted
Amount awarded: $92,000

  • Angela Ballara, Te Rongo O Te Pu: Māori society in the Musket War period $10,000
  • Colin Brown, A History of Christchurch Cathedral $2500
  • Lois Cox, Lesbian women growing up in the 1950s and 1960s $9000
  • Vivien Edwards, The Battle of the Bug: A history of the Hepatitis Foundation $10,000
  • Gerald Evans, After the Blue: Stories from people involved in the 1951 waterfront dispute $10,000
  • Lyndon Fraser, The West Coast Irish 1864–1900 $9000
  • Margaret Lovell-Smith, A history of the Hurunui District $5000
  • Chris Maclean, A biography of John Pascoe $8000
  • Roberta Nicholls, A history of Martinborough $7500
  • Geoff Park, Impact of swamp drainage on the indigenous ecosystem $4000
  • Jane Tolerton, A history of the AIDS Foundation $10,000 (declined)
  • Sue Upton, Women Behind the Bar: A history of barmaids, licensees and wives assisting $7000

Awards in History for 1999

Applications received: 84
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Peter Aimer, History and politics of the National Airways Corporation, 1947–78 $5000
  • Neill Atkinson, "Crew Culture": A social and cultural history of New Zealand seafarers, 1840–1940 $8000
  • Murray Bathgate, New Zealand adventurers, traders and planters in the Pacific in the 19th century $10,000
  • John Edgar, Biography of Dove-Meyer Robinson $6000
  • Bryan Gilling, A history of Raupatu $12,000
  • Margaret McClure, A history of marriage breakdown in 20th century New Zealand $10,000
  • James McNeish, "The New Zealand Thirties Group": Five New Zealanders who went to Oxford in the 1930s $8000
  • Clive Sowry, Filmography to 1960 $12,000
  • Russell Stone, A history of early Auckland $10,000
  • Noel Waite, Canterbury publishers $9000

Awards in History for 1998

Applications received: 95
Awards made: 12, accepted: 11
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Dianne Bardsley, Women in the Women's Land Service in World War II $10,000
  • Tim Beaglehole, Biography and letters of J.C. Beaglehole $8000
  • Alan Bollard, An economic-business history of New Zealand $8000 (declined)
  • Deborah Challinor, New Zealanders in the Vietnam War $6000
  • Stephen Hamilton, The cultural history of the little magazine, 1930s–1990s $10,000
  • Christine Hemming, The art of French voyages to New Zealand $2500
  • Chris Hilliard, The writing of New Zealand history $5500
  • Fiona McKergow, A history of dress in New Zealand $10,000
  • Paul Star, Articles on T.H. Potts, conservationist $5000
  • Philip Temple, The Wakefields $10,000
  • Alan Ward, The Crown's actions with Māori since 1839 $5000
  • John Wilson, A centennial history of Waikakahi $10,000

Awards in History since 1997

Applications received: 85
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Giselle Byrnes, Inventing New Zealand: Surveying and the construction of cultural space, 1840s–1890s $10,000
  • David Colquhoun, Pakeha-Māori: The life and times of Frederick Edward Maning $10,000
  • Norman Crawshaw, The early years of coal mining in Buller-its economic and social implications $5000
  • Lyndon Fraser, Inheritance and family life in colonial New Zealand, 1850–1879 $10,000
  • Anna Gibbons, The voyage to New Zealand: A study of shipboard diaries of British immigrants, 1840–1870 $5000
  • Raeburn Lange, Māori health reform, 1900–1918 $10,000
  • Chris Maclean, A history of Kapiti Island $10,000
  • Deborah Shepard, A history of women and film in Aotearoa/New Zealand, 1923–1998 $10,000
  • Te Wananga-o-Raukawa, Selected writings on aspects of Ngati Toa, Ngati Raukawa and Te Ati Awa history $10,000
  • Robert Wiri, History of the lands and people of the Urewera and Waikaremoana districts $10,000

Awards in History for 1996

Applications received: 62
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $95,000

  • Graham Butterworth, The retention and utilisation of Māori land, 1891–1995 $10,000
  • Donald Couch, Te Rapaki O Te Rakiwhakaputa: Whenua me Tangata. A case study of the Kai Tahu papatipu marae of Rapaki, 1868–present $12,000
  • John Crockett, Translation and editing of Dom Felice Vaggioli's "Storia della Nuova Zealanda", vol.2 $10,000
  • Ellen Ellis, The Learned Eleventh: New Zealand women teachers to the Boer concentration camps $12,000
  • Margot Fry, A history of the New Zealand National Film Unit, 1941–1990 $5000
  • Carole van Grondelle, Biography of Nola Luxford $5000
  • Margaret Lovell-Smith, Biography of Dame Sister Mary Leo $5000
  • Janet McCallum, Women and journalism in New Zealand, 1850s–1940s $10,000
  • Rob McDonald, Dannevirke and District, 1872–1922 $5000
  • Jeremy Spencer, Editing of the New Zealand Journal of Baron Charles von Hugel, 1834 $5000
  • John Thomson, Editing of symposium on "The Great International Exhibition, Christchurch 1906–07" $6000

Awards in History for 1995

Applications received: 84
Awards made: 12
Amount awarded: $80,000

  • Maxine Bradbury, New Caledonia to New Zealand 1880: A study of motivation, expectation and realisation $2000
  • Warwick Brunton, A history of national mental health policy, services, organisation and legislation in New Zealand, 1840–1992 $6000
  • Harry Evison, The life and times of Walter Mantell $10,000
  • Jim Gardner, The origins of state compulsory arbitration in Northern Ireland, South Australia and New Zealand, 1890–94: A comparative study $1000
  • Ken Hall, The Pink and White Terraces. George D. Valentine: A photographer's journey $5000
  • Graham Hucker, The impact and effects of the First World War on a rural district in New Zealand: Stratford, 1914–1920s $1000
  • Ian Hunter, Man for our time: The story of R. A. Laidlaw $8000
  • Kingi Ihaka, The life and times of Sir Kingi Ihaka $10,000
  • William McKay, Buildings of the Morehu: An aspect of New Zealand architecture, 1800–1950 $9000
  • Paul Monin, Hauraki Frontier: A history of the Hauraki Gulf, Coromandel, Thames, 1769–1890 $10,000
  • Jessie Munro, Biography of Mother Aubert $8000
  • Anthony Sole, A history of Ngati Ruanui from migration traditions until 1900 $10,000


Awards in History for 1994

Applications received: 91
Awards made: 16
Amount awarded: $98,000

  • Angela Ballara, Origins of Ngati Kahungunu $9000
  • Margaret Brown, History of Auckland Nursing School $2500
  • Stanley Cowman, Dental technicians in New Zealand $1500
  • Brad Haami, Life of Dr Golan Maaka $4000
  • Christine Leov-Leland, Life and artistic achievement of Theo Schoon $3000
  • Wayne Orchiston, Astronomy in early protohistoric New Zealand $8000
  • Robin Ormerod, History of the Nature Conservation Council $6000
  • Katherine Rhee, Ornamental gardens in New Zealand $10,000
  • Frank Rogers, Archifacts index 1974–93 $500
  • Theresa Sawicka, History of the Pahiatua Children's Camp $7000
  • Bryan Staff, History of the recording industry in New Zealand $2000
  • Don Stafford, Landmarks of Te Arawa $9000
  • Thelma Strongman, Garden history of the provinces of the South Island $10,000
  • Kerry Taylor, A documentary history of New Zealand working people $12,000
  • Leah Taylor, Biography of Leslie Bourneman Neale $1500
  • John Wilson, A biography of Wiremu Kingi $12,000

Awards in History for 1993

Applications received: 92
Awards made: 15
Amount awarded: $100,000

  • Ian Barber, Māori-European violence $12,000
  • Ann Beaglehole, Jews in New Zealand $12,000
  • Bruce Bigga, Editing and translating a history of Tainui $5000
  • Jennifer Briars, German immigrants in Upper Moutere $480
  • Fay Hercock, Biography of Alice Bush $12,000
  • Peter Hutchen, Waha and Kiwa: He Tangane, He Tuahine $1400
  • Rovina Maniapoto-Anderson, Te Remu o Te Huia $12,000
  • Chris Maclean, A History of the Tararua Range $12,000
  • Keith Ovenden, Biography of Dan Davin $12,000
  • Grant Phillipson, Missionaries and cultural relativism $5000
  • Donald Rickard, History of irrigation in Canterbury $5000
  • Philip Temple, Jerningham: A Wakefield history $5000
  • Shirley Tunnicliffe, An informal history of Nelson $500
  • Tau Moana Turoa, Parehauraki localities $5000
  • David Young, Race relations on the Whanganui River $5000

Awards in History for 1992

Applications received: 96
Awards made: 16
Amount awarded: $100,000

  • Graeme Anderson, Biography of Abel Tasman $4000
  • Ann Calhoun, Women in the fine and applied arts $12,000
  • Bill Dacker, Mogi and Ka Moutere o Rakiura $5000
  • Ashley Gould, Soldier settlement after WW1 $12,000
  • Patricia Grace and Irihapeti Ramsden, Recollections of the Ngati Poneke $7200
  • Hamish Keith, Biography of Colin McCahon $12,000
  • Jeremy Lowe, Thorndon: Evolution of a Community $12,000
  • Duncan McKay, Frontier New Zealand $3142
  • Athol McCredie, Ernst Plischke: Modernism and New Zealand Art $5000
  • A-V Moltschaniwskj, History of Parewa Cemetery $200
  • Joanna Orwin, Memoirs of a South Island Maori elder $5000
  • Richard Spence, Biography of Wiremu Wi Te Tau Huata $5000
  • John Thomson, Influence of exhibitions on New Zealand music $5000
  • Tony Wilson, History of telecommunications $5000
  • Emily Wrigley, William Robinson of Cheviot $1405
  • Redmer Yska, A social history of New Zealand in the 1950s $5000

Awards in History for 1991

Applications received: 83
Awards made: 13
Amount awarded: $95,000

  • Sandra Coney and Liz Greenslade, A social history of New Zealand women $12,000
  • Brian Easton, Post-war New Zealand Economy $11,250
  • Harry Evison, Ngai Tahu/European contact $12,000
  • Ross Galbreath, Colonisation, identity and conservation in New Zealand $12,000
  • Brad Patterson, Dynamics of Colonial Capitalism $12,000
  • Mira Szaszy, Māori Women's Welfare League history project $10,000
  • Michael Bassett, Biography of Sir Joseph Ward $6300
  • Michael Bellam, A social history of the Irish in New Zealand $5000
  • Peter Franks, History of New Zealand Clerical Workers' Union $5000
  • Judith Devaliant, Biography of Kate Sheppard $5000
  • Sam Elworthy, Origins of the DPB $2500
  • Christopher Lethbridge, Biography of Octavius Hadfield $1000
  • Lyndden Rain, History of Riverside $500

Awards in History for 1990

Applications received: 83
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $85,000

  • Edmund Bohan, Biography of Edward Stafford $8000
  • Catriona Cameron, Friends' Ambulance in China $1350
  • Annabel Cooper, Autobiography of Mary Lee $6000
  • Christine Dann, Origins and development of the Green Movement $12,000
  • Alan Haronga, People of the Harouta Canoe $11,000
  • Max Lash, Dictionary of Biography for Nelson $6000
  • Chris Pugsley, New Zealanders on the Western Front in WW1 $12,000
  • Charles Royal, Migrations of Ngati Raukawa and Ngati Toa $12,000
  • Kenneth Simpson, Medical history of New Zealand 1840–70 $4000
  • Jane Tolerton, Biography of Ettie Rout $12,000
  • Shirley Tunnicliffe, Letters of Mary Hobhouse $1000

Updated on 17th November 2023