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Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ)

Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ)

Established under the Sport and Recreation Act 2002, Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ) has the role of getting New Zealanders to enjoy and excel through sport and recreation.

Sport NZ receives funding from both the Crown and the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board. As a crown entity, Sport NZ is accountable through the Ministry to the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

Organisation details

  • Chair – Sir Paul Collins
  • Chief Executive – Peter Miskimmin

Contact details

All members of the board are appointed by the Minister for Sport and Recreation and the board will have between five and nine members including the Chair.  When making appointments to the board the Minister must take into account the recommendation of the Nominations Advisory Group established under section 18 of the Sport and Recreation Act 2002.

Sport New Zealand was first established on 1 January 2003 under the Sport and Recreation New Zealand Act (2002). After 10 years of being known as Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC), on 1 February 2012 SPARC became Sport New Zealand.

In 2011 High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) was launched as a subsidiary of Sport NZ, to focus on elite athletes and ensure they're as well prepared as they can be.

Board Membership (expiry of term in brackets):

  • Sir Paul Collins – Chair (Jun 2018)
  • Jason Shoebridge - Deputy Chair (Dec 2019)
  • Jackie Barron (Jun 2018)
  • Darrin Sykes (Dec 2018)
  • Paul Cameron (Jun 2018)
  • Dr Brendan O'Neill (Jun 2018)
  • Bill Moran (Jul 2019)
  • Hilary Poole (Jun 2020)
  • Kylie Clegg (Jun 2020)

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Sport and Recreation New Zealand Act 2002

Crown Entities Amendment Act 2004 (with amendments).

Updated on 7th December 2017