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Criteria and application form for the Commemorating Waitangi Day Fund

Proposals are sought for specific events which meet the following criteria:

  • the theme is the commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi;
  • the event promotes nation building and community building;
  • it encourages wide community participation and achievement;
  • it promotes a cultural experience or event consistent with the above; and,
  • the event takes place on or near Waitangi Day (6 February 2018), or days significant to the signing of the Treaty in a particular community or rohe (for example, the date on which an iwi signed the Treaty or Final Deed of Settlement).

The government is especially keen to support events organised by local government and/or communities in partnership with tangata whenua that invite wide community participation.

Applicants to the Fund should be able to demonstrate that recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi is a central theme in their event. Priority is given to events in local communities that commemorate and are held on Waitangi Day, or on days significant to the signing of the Treaty in a particular community or rohe.

This year the Ministry is interested to hear from applicants that are deepening and broadening the conversations about the Treaty of Waitangi and deepening understanding across communities.

Mid-to long-term Treaty of Waitangi education programmes or resources do not come under this Fund. Funding is not available for travel to Waitangi, Bay of Islands. Funding is also not available to cover the purchase of alcohol.

How to apply

Make sure you complete every section of the form and include:

  • one document proving entity status, such as a current constitution or trust deed and certificate of incorporation, or a letter from your District Māori Council / appropriate iwi authority, or a copy of a Māori Land Court Order, or bank account details, or proof of organisational structure and/or copies of minutes of meetings
  • a detailed description of your event
  • a proposed budget for your event
  • at least two current letters of support that are specific to the event.

Applications for funding for Waitangi Day 2019 events will open in August 2018.

To receive email updates on funding dates for the 2019 funding round, please register your interest by emailing


To find out more email or call the Ministry for Culture and Heritage on (04) 499-4229.

Updated on 16th May 2018