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Where does our funding come from?

Where does our funding come from?

The Ministry is primarily funded by the Government. In the 2020/21 financial year we will administer approximately $577.177 million for Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage and $240.374 million for Vote Sport and Recreation.

Most of this will fund services supplied by arts, heritage and broadcasting entities outside the Ministry. It covers ballet, orchestral, museum, public broadcasting, film archive and Māori performing arts activities. Other funding provides for the protection of historic places and the promotion of New Zealand films and the arts.

Sports and recreation allocations cover services provided by Drug Free Sport New Zealand and Sport New Zealand. We are responsible for making payments for the services supplied and monitoring the Crown’s interests in these organisations on behalf of Ministers.

More detail on the Ministry’s appropriations is available on The Treasury's website.

Internal operating costs

This is a breakdown of the budget for the Ministry’s own operations in 2020/21.

$10.781 million for policy advice, monitoring of funding agencies and ministerial servicing

Policy advice on arts, culture, and heritage monitoring and managing Crown investment in this sector; services to Ministers, such as speeches and correspondence.

$10.870 million for heritage services

Managing new memorial projects, including National Memorial Park, national monuments, war and historic graves; administration of legislation and grants; research, writing and publication of New Zealand history and reference works including the online Encyclopedia of New Zealand (Te Ara).

$1.669 million for the Cultural Diplomacy International Programme

Management and delivery of an international cultural programme through a series of projects and activities primarily focused on Asia and in locations where New Zealand is pursuing free trade agreements. 

$0.319 million for advice to and monitoring of sports and recreation Crown entities

Providing purchase advice and monitoring services to the Minster for Sport and Recreation for Sport New Zealand and Drug Free Sport New Zealand.

Updated on 18th September 2020