Advance purchase of Government Advertising

The focus of more immediate relief in response to the impact of Covid-19 is easing cashflow pressure across the sector. Of particular importance is provide this relief to a wide range of local media organisations and channels, to support plurality of voice in the media.

Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage on behalf of 32 government departments and 4 departmental agencies, will arrange payments in advance to local media businesses for advertising space that will be placed during 2020/21 by core government organisations. 

Media businesses will repay the advance payments through the course of the 2020/21 financial year, as they receive advertising business from the core government organisations.

32 applications for this support have been awarded to date with $6.28 million in funding. The successful applicants are listed here

This has bought forward payment of considerable funds to a large range of New Zealand media organisations, easing their cashflow.

Further information 

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Updated on 21st September 2020