Government has released the first set of initiatives to provide relief to the media sector, in response to the impact of COVID-19. 

Relief to the sector

The Government worked with the sector to rapidly develop a suite of initiatives that focus on reducing cost and easing cashflow pressure – and can support a range of media organisations. They have been chosen for their relatively quick implementation and impact.


The initiatives in this package are:


  • Transmission fee waiver in which the Government fund six months of transmission fees for DTT, DTH, FM and AM for eligible organisations.
  • NZOA Platform contribution in which Government fund 80% of the platform contribution fees for 2020/21 for eligible media organisations.
  • Advance purchase of advertising in which Government will make advance payment for government agency advertising space for 2020/21, to eligible media organisations.


A second package of support is also being considered which will help support a more sustainable media eco-system and ensure the sector is robust, fit for purpose and able to respond to new opportunities.


Eligibility for the support

To ensure Government provide support to a vulnerable sector in a responsible and sustainable manner, eligibility criteria have been developed for each initiative.  Detail of these can be found on the pages outlining each of the initiatives in this first support package.



These initiatives were chosen as they could be implemented reasonably quickly and provide relief in the near term for the media organisations who are beneficiaries. Processes for accessing funding necessarily varies between each initiative, however at a high level applications for funding opened mid May and funds released to successful applicants starting from late May.


The NZOA Platform contribution initiative will integrate application and funding provision with the existing process conducted by NZOA in their July, September and December NZ On Air funding rounds.


Detail of the application process, response timeframes and funding release can be found on the pages outlining each of the initiatives.


Further information 

If you have any queries regarding the support package please contact [email protected]


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