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Kiwis urged to consider flag options from all perspectives

Panel urges New Zealanders to consider the two flag options from all perspectives

The Flag Consideration Panel announced today that over 280 sets of flags had been made available to communities across the country to help Kiwis see both the current New Zealand Flag and the Silver Fern Flag in real-life situations, and consider their symbols, colours and meaning before the final referendum in March 2016.

Locations of the flags can be found on and include highly visible locations such the Auckland Harbour Bridge. The two flags will fly on the bridge from today until 24 March, with the exception of Waitangi Day when the current New Zealand Flag will be flown with the Tino Rangatiratanga flag.

Flag Consideration Panel chair, Professor John Burrows, said that whether the flag changes or not is a very personal decision and an historic one; it comes down to which flag voters believe best represents New Zealanders; as individuals and as part of a proud nation. He said it was a decision that all eligible voters should take part in, and make their vote count.

“To help voters consider all perspectives before making their decision in March’s referendum, the Panel has summarised the wide range of views to provide a balanced perspective in a number of ways.

A video on the symbols, colours and meaning of both flags is now available on our website, as is a letter summarising some of the most commonly expressed views that have been shared.

There is also a media snapshot offering a selection from some of the thousands of articles, news items and public comments throughout this project, including some that were written in the year’s preceding this world-first opportunity to consider and choose our flag,” said Professor Burrows.

Professor Burrows encouraged voters to consider all perspectives, hear what others had to say and consider both sides of the discussion in preparation for making their vote count with a final decision on which flag best endures for our nation today, and generations to come.

Updated on 26th January 2016