Innovation Fund Project Plan guidance

If you are seeking project funding from the Innovation Fund, you will need to provide Manatū Taonga with a plan. Your plan will be considered alongside what you discussed with the panel in your sharing session.  

This plan can take any form, this includes presentation slides, project plan or a business plan. You can choose which plan you will use, and the level of detail needed to describe what you are trying to achieve. Whichever presentation style you choose, there is a 12-page limit. You can provide up to three references in addition to the 12 pages.  

What to include 

Your project plan should include information about your context and purpose and how your idea meets one or more of the fund outcomes: 

  • Sector sustainability and resilience are increased  
  • Commercial opportunities are increased  
  • Access and participation are improved 

The panel need to know what is innovative about the project and how it will be implemented. You’ll need to include the amount of funding being requested from Manatū Taonga and provide a break-down of how it will be used. If you have other funding or revenue sources, include these in your plan.  

Projects that support the safeguarding and transmission of mātauranga Māori should explain how Māori will be represented in the project team and demonstrate an understanding of ownership in a Māori context.  

Example  Project Plan 

Here’s an example of project plan sections that you might like to use. Please note that this is just a guide, you can include any information or detail that you believe supports your plan.

Example section  Relates to principle…
What is the problem you are trying to solve and/or the opportunity you are trying to realise? How does this relate to your context and purpose and the fund outcomes? 
Context & Purpose 
Project Description  
Describe the project and how it is innovative.  
What is the impact on the sector from this project? How will it achieve one or more of the fund outcomes? Who will benefit from your project? 
Context & Purpose 
Who’s in your team? What other support do you need to complete the project?   
What are the risks?   
Are there constraints on the project? What could potentially go wrong?   
Collaborators and competitors 
Is there anyone else doing the same or similar? How will you work with them or compete with them? 
Reaching people  
What’s your marketing plan?   
Intellectual property  
What IP do you own and need to protect? Do you need to protect the IP of people and organisations that you work with? How will you do it? 

Financial plan 
This is where you include your budget. What is the project going to cost and how will it be sustained? What revenue sources do you have? Are there other investors or funders? 
Example Budget Template

Getting it done  
What is the timeline and key milestones for the project? 
What might happen next?  
What else is possible? Could your idea be used and adapted by others? Are there other opportunities that you can think of once your ideas is implemented? 

You can add up to three references from stakeholders or supporters. If your project is impacting a community, it is important to have evidence that the community supports your project, including from any significant organisations in your part of the sector.  

For all queries, please contact the Manatū Taonga team at [email protected].

Updated on 8th December 2021