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Hanga mahere - Planning your cultural and heritage projects

Find tools to help you define the scopes of projects, prioritising the relative worth of projects, sequencing projects in the right order, and managing multiple projects.

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Below are a few tools that may help your planning. However, some initial questions are:

  • Vision:
    • What are your cultural and heritage aspirations, priorities and needs?
    • What does success look like for your iwi?
  • Scoping:
    • What cultural and heritage projects will help you realise your vision?
    • What links can you make to existing cultural and heritage or other activities being led through hapū or other groups?
    • What capacity (e.g. resource/finance/building/technical requirements) will you need?
    • What capability (e.g. project management/administration/technical support, cultural/heritage expertise) will you need?
    • What can the culture and heritage agencies and other agencies/organisations help with?
  • Prioritisation:
    • What can you achieve immediately or in the short term?
    • What projects will require a longer term to plan and implement?
    • Are some projects dependant on others being in place 1st, and on training staff with key capabilities and skill sets?

Examples of Cultural and Heritage projects. This document lists provides a list of possible projects that you may be interested in pursuing.

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Examples of specific project documentation gives some template examples to help you with your initial planning. The templates covers aspects such as priority, urgency, a description of the project, how it relates to other projects, and implementation considerations such as budget, issues, and stakeholders.

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Updated on 14th March 2023