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Gender Pay Gap Action Plan

Here is the updated Manatū Taonga Gender Pay Action Plan 2021 (PDF 374KB).

This plan is our roadmap for our continuing journey to take our Ministry from good to great in gender pay action. It is aligned to Ko tā tātou rautaki, ahurea tāngata (Our people and culture strategy) and incorporates the Public Service Gender Pay Action Plan milestones. 

At 30 June 2021 the Ministry’s gender pay gap is 5.1%. As a relatively small Ministry (158 employees – 133 Perm, 25 Fixed Term) this figure can fluctuate as people come and go from our organisation (for example, as at 30 Sept 2021 our gender pay gap is 2.8%).

I’m proud of the progress Manatū Taonga has made in our work to eliminate the gender pay gap and achieve gender balance in leadership. I’m especially proud of our leadership in flexible working. Over 90% of our staff work flexibly in some way. At Manatū Taonga flexible working is a valued element in enabling a more diverse workforce as well as reducing the gender pay gap.

This plan has been developed and updated with the spirit of the Gender Pay Principles in mind with joint ownership and contribution from the Ministry and Public Services Association representatives. My thanks to those who have contributed. It is stronger for your perspective.

Te Kāhui Mataaho, our Leadership team is fully supportive of the Gender Pay Action Plan. We are committed to continuing its implementation across the Ministry and working with you all to ensure our plan becomes a reality.

Bernadette Cavanagh Tumu Whakarae

Manatū Taonga

Updated on 4th November 2021