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Fundraising advice

Here are some resources that can help you get the most out of fundraising for your organisation.

Community Net Aotearoa

Topics covered include information on developing a fundraising plan, funding options and online fundraising

Fundraising Institute of New Zealand

Keep up to date with the latest ideas and views from the fundraising sector and check out useful resources about fundraising.

Te Papa

Te Papa’s National Services Te Paerangi’s has published several guides including tapping into funding sources and practical steps to identify and work with sponsors for your museum or heritage service.

Resources for running an organisation

Having a well-run organisation is essential to getting the most out of your fundraising efforts. See the following links for some tips.

Community Net

The Community Resource Kit provides information for setting up and running community and voluntary organisations in New Zealand.

Creative NZ

Creative NZ runs workshops and provides a number of resources  for arts organisations.

Sport New Zealand

Sport New Zealand’s Clubkit for managing sport organisations is also relevant to other community based organisations.

Creative Partnerships Australia

Creative Partnerships Australia provides a number of factsheets on topics from crowdfunding to setting up a foundation.


Updated on 21st January 2021