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New Zealand Oral History Awards

The New Zealand Oral History Awards (NZOH) provide financial help for the recording of interviews relating to the history of New Zealand/Aotearoa and its close connections with the Pacific.

Projects submitted for consideration should contribute significantly to our understanding of New Zealand’s past and its people.

The closing date for 2019 applications is Friday 03 May 2019.

The Ministry does not hold the completed recordings, the original recordings are deposited with the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington.

New Zealand Oral History Awards for 2018 are:

A total of $56,186 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Natalie Looyer - Bringing Classical Antiquities to Aotearoa, $4,000.00
  • Farida Sultana and Shila Nair - The human cost of war: Voices of displaced women, $3,400.00
  • Mike Smith - Voices from Inside Labour, $2,856.00
  • Tafaoimalo Loudeen Parsons - Fanua – Samoan indigenous conceptual meaning of land, $6,330.00
  • Robert Willoughby - Who are Ngati Kuta, $3,000
  • Georgie Craw - SOS: Stories from the Sisters Overseas Service, $6,400.00
  • Christchurch Operatic Society - So the 30,000 sang! The voices and memories behind 80 years of Showbiz in Christchurch, $6,400.00
  • Anna Fomison - Tony Fomison Oral History Project, $5,000.00
  • Nic Lane - Development of professional inclusive performing arts within Aotearoa, $8,700.00
  • Tilly HeiHei and Dawn Shaw - Te Aratika Whanau Trust, $3,500.00
  • Jenny Senior and Naomi Strickland - Oral History of Queen Victoria School, $8,000.00      

Read a related media release about the 2018 recipients:

Oral History Awards 2018 recognise women and cultural diversity


    Updated on 18th January 2019