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Application information

Your application should include:

  • the completed application form (if your application is for a group please include the name and details of a contact person);
  • project information, including a description of the project, a clear explanation of its scope and focus, a chapter outline, an indication of the major sources, and interest from publishers if applicable;
  • a proposed timetable giving an indication of the stage the project has reached, and an expected completion date;
  • a discussion of the significance of the project to New Zealand history;
  • a budget indicating broad costs (research, travel, equipment, living);
  • brief and relevant personal information, including previous experience in New Zealand history;
  • the names and addresses of two people who know your work and to whom we could refer if necessary.

Do not include:

  • samples of your written work, such as copies of books, reviews, newspaper articles;
  • copies of quotes for travel, equipment etc;
  • certificates.

An application form is found at the bottom of this page.  Please save this application form to your computer. Then open it (usually in Word), fill it in and either post or email it to us.

New Zealand History Research Trust Fund
Ministry for Culture and Heritage
P.O. Box 5364
Wellington 6140


Note - In making this application I accept that if I am successful my name, title of the project, and the amount of any Award made may be published by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

Updated on 7th October 2019