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NZ On Air

NZ On Air  - Irirangi Te Motu

NZ On Air (New Zealand's Broadcasting Commission) is a government broadcasting funding agency which invests in a range of local television, radio, music and new media content. 

In June 2014, the government announced the formation of Screen New Zealand, a new ‘virtual agency’ that formalises the collaboration of three existing screen agencies. The New Zealand Film Commission, Film New Zealand and NZ On Air will work together on a number of specific projects under the umbrella of Screen New Zealand.

The Ministry manages NZ On Air's relationship with the Crown on behalf of the Minister of Broadcasting, monitoring the funding agreement between the Minister and the entity.

Organisation Details

  • Chair – Dr Ruth Harley
  • Chief Executive – Cameron Harland

Contact details

NZ On Air is governed by a board appointed by the Minister of Broadcasting.  The board should consist of not less than three and no more than six members.

Board Membership (expiry dates in brackets):

  • Dr Ruth Harley – Chair (May 2024)
  • Helen Grattan (June 2022)
  • John McCay (June 2021)
  • Linda Clark (March 2022)
  • Philip Broughton (March 2022)
  • Sarona Aiono-Iosefa (July 2022)

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Updated on 2nd June 2021