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Cultural organisations : giving and sponsorship research report (April 2010)

The goal of this survey is to provide a better picture of private giving and sponsorship.  During March-April 2009 we surveyed cultural organisations on the income they had obtained from gifts, grants and other charitable and sponsorship sources in the tax year of 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008.

Read the full report as a pdf  (2.9mb)

We  worked closely with Creative New Zealand and the Charities Commission to identify around 2,000 cultural organisations to invite to take part in the survey. The organisations that responded included a wide range of small through to major-sized registered charities and other types of organisations that might have received funding from sources such as central or local government, the Lottery Grants Board or  community/gaming/energy trusts.

The survey asked about the various sources of the funding or support that the organisations received. The survey also asked about the form this funding or support took, such as grants, donations, cash or in-kind sponsorship, membership or friends' schemes, and bequests.
The research establishes an annual level of cash and non-cash funding and support. It provides comparisons between organisations on the basis of size, location and type of cultural activity, and also on the basis of the source and type of support. The research provides benchmark figures that will enable trends in support to cultural organisations to be identified, including the impact of any tax or other incentives for charitable giving.

Updated on 7th October 2019