When CERA proposes to carry out works under section 38 of the CER Act, including demolition, on earthquake-damaged heritage buildings, the following processes have been put in place to make decisions.

  1. CERA considers whether works to a heritage building should be carried out.
  2. CERA notifies Heritage New Zealand and the relevant council (CCC, SDC or WDC) when works are being considered on heritage buildings that are entered on the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero (Category 1 or 2) or listed by CCC, Banks Peninsula, SDC or WDC.
  3. Heritage New Zealand and council heritage advisers review the owner’s engineer’s report, if available, and the heritage significance of the building.
  4. Heritage New Zealand and the relevant council may commission independent engineering advice, or provide in-house engineering comments.
  5. Where possible, CERA provides a peer review of the owner’s engineer’s report.
  6. Heritage New Zealand and the relevant council may work with CERA to pursue alternatives to demolition if the owner is willing and safety issues can be addressed.
  7. The Chief Executive of CERA or their delegate makes the final decision on the proposed works.

The above decision-making process is not binding on CERA and its Chief Executive but will be followed where possible.

Updated on 23rd July 2015