This section provides an overview of major heritage achievements since the September 2010 earthquake.  Work that has already been done on the projects in the Heritage Recovery Programme is summarised in the project outlines.

The future of many heritage buildings in greater Christchurch has yet to be decided.  What is clear is that despite extensive losses, many heritage buildings on district plans survive, some in poor repair.  This section outlines the role of the partner agencies of the Heritage Recovery Programme in providing advice and distributing incentive funds on a contestable basis.

Providing expert advice to owners of heritage buildings and places

Following each major earthquake, heritage advisers and engineers working for Heritage New Zealand and the Christchurch City Council assessed the condition of Christchurch’s heritage buildings and provided advice to emergency authorities and owners.  Their initial focus was on assessing damage and stabilising damaged structures. Efforts have since moved to advising owners on restoring and strengthening heritage buildings where feasible.  Heritage New Zealand and CCC continue to provide free expert advice (see Free expert advice).

Providing heritage advice to CERA

Under section 38 of the CER Act, the Chief Executive of CERA (including his or her delegates) can carry out or commission works, including the demolition of buildings, structures or other erections on land.  An exercise of this power must be in accordance with the purposes of the CER Act and must be reasonably considered necessary.  CERA’s Chief Executive has no legal obligation to consult with, or obtain the consent of, the partner agencies (or any other party) for works under section 38 relating to heritage buildings.

Where possible CERA engages with the partner agencies that provide CERA with expert heritage advice before demolition of heritage buildings (see CERA decision-making process).  The final decision to demolish a heritage building lies with the Chief Executive of CERA.

Providing funds on a contestable basis

Many of the partner agencies provide other incentive funds for heritage conservation on a contestable basis. These are summarised in Financial assistance.

Updated on 23rd July 2015