The objective of the Heritage Recovery Programme is to achieve an appropriate balance between:

  • retaining heritage buildings and places as an important part of greater Christchurch’s identity
  • the need for wider earthquake recovery to proceed quickly and within available funding.

Decisions about heritage buildings and places need to be made on a case-by-case basis taking into account the particular challenges and opportunities.

The following outcomes will be achieved to the extent possible within the time frames for the wider recovery and within available funding:

  1. Heritage buildings and places contribute to a strong sense of identity, a quality urban environment, tourism and economic growth, supporting the recovery of greater Christchurch.
  2. Heritage agencies assist property owners where a collaborative approach can help to ensure heritage buildings are made safe and restored.
  3. Heritage buildings and places are adapted to new uses, where appropriate, to ensure they have an ongoing function.
  4. Existing heritage and character buildings and places are retained, and where practicable, conserved in a manner that involves the least amount of physical intervention.
  5. Heritage recovery recognises and celebrates Ngāi Tahu’s heritage.
  6. Heritage recovery recognises and celebrates all cultural influences that have contributed to the heritage of greater Christchurch.
  7. Heritage materials are retrieved safely to enable their reuse, and a sample of greater Christchurch’s archaeological heritage is recovered through excavation and retained.

Updated on 23rd July 2015