The partner agencies began implementing some projects in the Heritage Recovery Programme in 2011 (notably ‘Retaining heritage buildings and places’; ‘Reusing heritage fabric retrieved from heritage and character buildings’; and ‘Retrieving archaeological information and artefacts’.)

Most will remain in place for as long as recovery continues.

The partner agencies are responsible for managing and implementing projects, including the appointment of project leaders.

MCH has a coordination role in preparing this Programme. It is not responsible for day-to-day operations and cannot instruct the partner agencies in the Heritage Recovery Programme.

CERA will monitor and report on progress. MCH is working with CERA on CERA’s greater Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Monitoring and Reporting Plan.

CERA is undertaking a community asset stocktake of greater Christchurch to enhance understanding of the impact of the earthquakes. This stocktake will include heritage buildings and places, providing useful benchmarks for monitoring.

Partner agencies will review and refresh the Heritage Recovery Programme annually. 

Updated on 23rd July 2015