Develop initiatives to acknowledge greater Christchurch’s lost heritage.

Lead agencies

CCC, SDC, WDC, Ngāi Tahu

Key partners

Heritage New Zealand, CERA, MCH

Project outcome

Greater Christchurch’s heritage is identified and acknowledged through interpretive material and in new development.


Greater Christchurch has a rich history and heritage (see Appendix Two). This includes significant archival holdings (the University of Canterbury’s Architectural Archive contains over 100,000 architectural drawings, most of which relate to Christchurch and Canterbury buildings). However, unless some form of interpretation is provided, demolished heritage buildings and places will eventually be forgotten. There are opportunities to:

  • publish information on greater Christchurch’s heritage, including through digital publication
  • promote on-site interpretation of lost heritage, including interpretation of archaeological material
  • run public education programmes
  • investigate the retention of elements of buildings in accordance with the appropriate guidelines (see Project 3).

What has happened

CCC has published a walking guide to remaining heritage buildings in central Christchurch, and held heritage events in October 2013 (‘Reconnect’) ahead of a 2014 re-launch of its annual heritage week. CCC has also allocated funds under the Transitional City project to interpret heritage stories as part of landscape design. WDC has a Landmarks Fund to fund plaques and other landmarks that acknowledge heritage sites.

The CEISMIC programme is preserving the memories and experiences of Canterbury people, including through QuakeStories, a collaboration between MCH and NV Interactive. Heritage New Zealand has launched a multimedia website and smartphone application on the history and heritage of High Street, Christchurch.

CCC and Heritage New Zealand produced a document, Heritage Recovery – Guideline 6 – Reuse of Heritage Material, to provide guidance on this topic (as noted in Project 3).

What will happen

CCC, SDC, WDC and Ngāi Tahu will:

  • explore how to acknowledge greater Christchurch’s heritage in consultation with property owners, where appropriate. This may include developing interpretive material and proposals for recognising heritage values in new developments. In instances where buildings are being deconstructed or demolished, these partner agencies will explore opportunities to:
    • retain parts of heritage buildings on their original sites
    • reuse heritage fabric in new developments (see Project 3).
  • the partner agencies will refer to the appropriate guidelines in reusing heritage fabric.

Heritage New Zealand will:

  • work with CCC, SDC and WDC to provide heritage information and advice.

CERA will:

  • continue to work with CCC, SDC and WDC to explore opportunities to retain parts of heritage buildings on site.

Indicative timeframe


Updated on 23rd July 2015