Increase awareness of Ngāi Tahu heritage.

Identify, record and acknowledge sites of significance to Ngāi Tahu.

Restore damaged significant sites where feasible.

Lead agencies

Ngāi Tahu

Key partners

MCH, Heritage New Zealand, CERA, CCC, SDC, WDC

Project outcome

New development within areas of significance acknowledges the cultural identity and values of the area.

Damaged sites are restored if possible, or marked and appropriately acknowledged if restoration is not possible.


Redevelopment of greater Christchurch presents the opportunity to recognise Ngāi Tahu heritage and values. This recognition may be achieved in new buildings, art and landscape design.

Redevelopment also presents an opportunity to identify further Ngāi Tahu heritage sites and provide guidance to owners and councils on appropriate recognition of these sites in consultation with Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu and local Ngāi Tahu Papatipu rūnanga.

Significant sites that have been damaged include Moncks Cave, Te Ana o Hineraki (Moa Bone Point Cave), Rapanui (Shag Rock) and the Kaiapoi Monument. Moncks Cave, Te Ana o Hineraki and Rapanui present opportunities for creative restoration, whether through art or historical interpretation. Earthquake damage to the Kaiapoi Monument presents opportunities for the conservation and seismic upgrade of this highly significant Ngāi Tahu heritage place.

What has happened

Ngāi Tahu has identified important sites in the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan. That Plan ‘presents Christchurch with the opportunity to both incorporate and showcase Ngāi Tahu cultural identity and values in a more visionary and integrated way’ (Christchurch Central Recovery Plan, page 39).

Ngāi Tahu has developed Whakaoratia Ōtautahi, a statement of Ngāi Tahu aspirations for the Christchurch recovery and rebuild.

Ngāi Tahu is a strategic partner in implementing the Natural Environment Recovery Programme for Greater Christchurch, Whakaara Taiao (October 2013) and the Land Use Recovery Plan, TeMahere Whakahaumanu Tāone (December 2013). Both of these documents address some matters relating to Ngāi Tahu heritage recovery that complement the projects in the Heritage Recovery Programme.

Ngāi Tahu is part of the Joint Management Board (JMB) considering applications for consents for all new builds within the Christchurch CBD. The JMB has regard to Ngāi Tahu cultural heritage values.  The JMB comprises representatives of CERA, CCC and Ngāi Tahu.

What will happen

Ngāi Tahu will:

  • research and identify sites of significance to Ngāi Tahu
  • provide advice to guide policy on the recognition of sites of significance to Ngāi Tahu and Ngāi Tahu values
  • carry out a stocktake of sites of significance to Ngāi Tahu to determine damage
  • lead the restoration of identified sites
  • participate in decision-making on new development on these sites
  • identify opportunities for the physical representation of Ngāi Tahu heritage.

Heritage New Zealand will:

  • provide existing information on sites.

CERA will:

  • provide support and advice to Ngāi Tahu as required
  • identify sites of significance to Ngāi Tahu on the CERA Community Asset Map.

In consultation with Ngāi Tahu, CCC, SDC and WDC will:

  • as part of their reviews of district plans – consider the identification of sites of significance to Ngāi Tahu and develop policy guidance on appropriate acknowledgement and protection.

Indicative timeframe


Updated on 23rd July 2015