Facilitate repair, reconstruction and seismic strengthening of heritage buildings through changes to district plans.

Lead agencies


Key partners

CERA, Heritage New Zealand

Project outcome

District plans facilitate repairs, reconstruction and seismic strengthening of heritage buildings through appropriate objectives, policies and rules.


The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan changed the heritage provisions of CCC’s District Plan as they relate to the central city. (See Appendix 1 to the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan: Amendments to Christchurch City Council’s District Plan.) The amended provisions take a more permissive approach to strengthening and altering earthquake-damaged heritage buildings to meet the requirements of the relevant building codes.

The provisions that apply to heritage buildings outside the central city have not been changed. This means that owners of heritage buildings located outside the central city are more likely to need resource consents, leading to delays and additional costs. The CCC can refund the costs of non-notified resource consents to owners who receive a Heritage Incentive Grant from the Council. In all other cases, owners meet the costs of processing resource consent applications (notified and non-notified). A CCC Hearings Panel or Commissioner makes decisions on most applications. Costs range from $1500 to $8500; half of the applications cost between $2000 and $3000.

There is an opportunity for CCC, SDC and WDC to review their district plans to facilitate heritage recovery. This may include reviewing their schedules of heritage buildings and places.

What has happened

As noted, the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan changed the heritage provisions of the CCC’s District Plan as they apply in the central city only. CCC is preparing background information to support a future district plan review (an alternative approach to a Recovery Plan that may achieve the same outcome).

What will happen

CCC, SDC and WDC will:

  • review the heritage provisions of their district plans to ensure they facilitate heritage recovery in accordance with the Recovery Strategy for Greater Christchurch.

CCC will:

  • monitor the number of applications and the efficiency and costs of processing applications for resource consents for work on heritage buildings.

CERA will:

  • assist CCC to consider the need for a Recovery Plan to alter its District Plan, if there is a need to do so.

Indicative timeframe

CCC, SDC and WDC timelines will apply

CCC District Plan review by 2016

Updated on 23rd July 2015