In greater Christchurch, heritage agencies have been working together to assess and conserve heritage buildings and places since the first earthquake in September 2010. At the same time, they have prepared this Heritage Buildings and Places Recovery Programme (‘Heritage Recovery Programme’) to record the work that has been done, the work that is under way, and future initiatives.Previously known as the ‘Heritage Buildings and Cultural Places Recovery Programme’, work on this Programme commenced in September 2011, following the release of the draft Recovery Strategy for Greater Christchurch.

The Heritage Recovery Programme sets out the major achievements to date and eight heritage recovery projects. These projects are:

  1. retaining heritage buildings and places
  2. determining the best methods of strengthening heritage buildings
  3. reusing heritage fabric retrieved from heritage and character buildings
  4. ensuring that district plan regulation assists recovery
  5. identifying and restoring sites of significance to Ngāi Tahu
  6. retrieving archaeological information and artefacts
  7. conserving artefacts recovered from archaeological sites
  8. keeping memory and awareness alive.

The Heritage Recovery Programme responds to heritage issues across all of greater Christchurch: the districts of the Christchurch City Council, the Selwyn District Council and the Waimakariri District Council, and the coastal marine area adjacent to these districts.

It is one of three programmes that guide the cultural recovery of greater Christchurch; the other two are:

Updated on 23rd July 2015