The arts and cultural sector is defined by its independence and diversity.  While central government has a critical role in supporting cultural recovery, there is a strong place for regional leadership, both from the local arts, cultural and heritage collections sectors and from the greater Christchurch community.  This could include enhanced communication around investment and management of cultural assets across the greater Christchurch region, a better understanding of how funding might work across territorial boundaries, and sharing expertise in arts, culture and heritage policy and community arts development.

Gap filler book exchange

Gap filler book exchange
Source: image courtesy of Christchurch City Libraries

Successful cultural recovery initiatives will be achieved through co-ordinated planning and investment in projects that are community priorities.  The Joint Agency Group (JAG) will continue to:

  • actively engage with local stakeholders to discuss their priorities and to identify opportunities to collaborate, innovate and back new ideas
  • encourage collaboration and partnerships to make effective and efficient use of available resources and facilities, including possible co-location of some amenities and cultural hubs
  • support arts and cultural businesses in Christchurch to remain viable through co-ordinating investment in capability building and development projects
  • work with local government and property developers to incentivise the incorporation of art into the central city rebuild
  • encourage further mixed model developments, where appropriate – social investments that combine cultural facilities with private businesses (such as retail and hospitality) that can generate sufficient revenue to enable the operating costs for cultural organisation tenants to be kept affordable and sustainable.  The Arts Centre is a good example of this sort of development.

Updated on 23rd July 2015