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Using Ministry logos & images

Using our logos

Groups or individuals receiving Ministry funding who wish to acknowledge the Ministry's support are welcome to use our logos. Please refer to the attached pdf document for an overview of how to use the Ministry's logo. More logo versions are available on request.

PNG logo download

Black solid disc

MCH_black.png (80 KB)

RGB solid disc

MCH_rgb.png (75 KB)

Black text only

MCH_black_text only.png (39 KB)


EPS logo download

Black solid disc

MCH_black.eps (580.49 KB)

RGB solid disc

MCH_rgb.eps (588.29 KB)

RGB text only

MCH_text only_rgb.eps (528.08 KB)


Using our images

Material on our websites is subject to Crown copyright protection administered through the Ministry unless otherwise indicated. New Zealand and international copyright laws protect third party copyright material on this site. Authorisation to reproduce such material should be obtained from the copyright holders concerned. Unauthorised reproduction, duplication, transmission or commercial use of such copyright materials may result in prosecution.

The text and images on our sites are intended for the personal use of students, scholars and the public and may be downloaded solely for this purpose. Schools and students may reproduce materials on our websites, either in part or in full, for bona fide study purposes, with suitable acknowledgement. Any other use or publication of them, without prior permission of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.

Copyright details are generally listed under each image. For written permission to reproduce information, images or other resources on our websites, you need to contact the copyright holder or holding institution (where named) in the first instance or the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

Te Ara — the Enyclopedia of New Zealand

For material located on Te Ara – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, contact [email protected].  Many of the images used on Te Ara are sourced from other organisations and we are unable to grant copyright permission. Underneath each image you will find a link to the owner. Contact the listed owner directly for any copyright requests. Additional copyright information is located on Te Ara’s website.  

NZHistory (

For images located on NZHistory, contact us. You need to consider copyright issues if you wish to use any of the oral histories and radio sound files resources.   

We own the copyright for the oral history interviews contained on our websites and hold signed agreement forms from all of the interviewees giving the Ministry the right to publish them. They may not be reused without the permission of the copyright holder. The full recordings and accompanying paperwork are deposited at the Oral History Centre, Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand and may subject to any conditions placed on their use be consulted there.


Updated on 27th August 2020