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Strategic challenges and choices

The Ministry and the Crown-funded cultural sector currently faces some overarching strategic challenges. With a relatively small investment from Government, the sector continues to deliver high quality cultural products and experiences to a diverse range of New Zealanders. The Ministry and its funded agencies have together continued to maximise efficiencies across the cultural sector, delivering many of our outputs within reducing real baselines. Using the framework of sector shifts above, we are able to prioritise across the sector, as new pressures and new opportunities arise.

As a sector we work in partnership with each other and with others in the public and private sectors to maximise our contribution to positive outcomes for New Zealand. We collaborate in delivering services. Innovative partnerships such as the television programme The Secret Lives of Dancers featuring the Royal New Zealand Ballet and the WW100 programme demonstrate our sector’s ability to draw on wider resources to achieve our goals.  While some organisations in the sector benefit from increasing contributions from the Lottery Grants Board, others do not. A portfolio approach ensures that Crown funding is managed to ensure any benefits of increased funding are shared to support organisations and activities that will provide the most value.

There are also distribution issues across New Zealand, with better provision of, and easier access to, cultural services in some areas, while other populations are less well-served. For instance, in rural areas core populations are often not sufficient to support access to the visual and performing arts or to provide the rating base to sustain cultural assets such as museums, galleries and performance venues. New technology provides one means of overcoming distribution barriers by enabling access to some cultural activities regardless of location. Other solutions may involve assisting potential audiences to travel to larger centres and identifying local interests to partner in diversifying functions and revenue streams for cultural venues.

To achieve the sector shifts identified, we are working with our funded agencies to refine our work to maximise positive change for New Zealanders within resource constraints.


Updated on 27th November 2015