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Impacts, measures and targets

How will we demonstrate success?

Outlined in the next table are the impact measures identified for the Ministry. These indicators help us measure our progress towards the intended outcomes. Our work programme is planned to deliver against these impacts.

We have selected these progress indicators, taking into account data availability. We have refined the indicators over the last year, in particular to reflect some changes in data availability.

Where possible, we have provided a baseline for the indicators by showing trends in the data available. We will report on our progress against these indicators in our annual reports. However, as the indicators are medium to long term, we expect progress on most of them only over a three to five-year timeframe. Data may not be available each year and therefore we will report new information where it is available.

As well as the Ministry’s efforts, the progress will also depend on external factors and will be particularly affected by economic challenges in the current climate.

Our annual reports will also report on our output performance indicators, as projected in Vote Arts, Culture & Heritage and Vote Sport & Recreation.

Updated on 23rd July 2015