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Sector Outcomes

Sector Outcomes

Create: Cultural and sporting activity flourishes

A flourishing cultural sector provides new experiences and stories, presents high quality productions and produces work that is distinctively “New Zealand” and relevant to us. A financially viable cultural sector is essential, as it assists our emerging talent to build and maintain careers. Our aims are:

· Cultural activity is an integral part of Christchurch’s recovery.

· New and high quality cultural content with distinctive New Zealand and Māori character is created.

· New Zealand’s cultural sector supports innovative and successful creative industries.

Preserve: Culture can be enjoyed by future generations

Our places, taonga and cultural activities need to be collected, recorded and preserved, for all New Zealanders to access. This means the cultural sector needs to continue to develop its capacity to collect, protect and display. Our aims are:

· New Zealand’s taonga are protected and preserved.

· Traditions and tikanga are preserved, developed and transmitted through active use.

· Capacity and capability in cultural conservation are maintained and enhanced.

· Commemorations of the First World War are coherent throughout New Zealand and effective in remembering the contribution New Zealanders made in the War.

Engage: Engagement in cultural and sporting activities is increasing

Increasing participation and engagement means wider enjoyment of our culture by New Zealanders and international audiences. This in turn benefits the cultural sector, our wider community, and the economy. Our aims are:

· New Zealanders see their culture as relevant and distinctive, and make it part of their daily lives.

· New Zealanders engage with Māori language and cultural content.

· More New Zealand children and young people get involved in organised sport through the KiwiSport fund and the focus of regional sport trusts, schools and clubs is on the delivery of sport to young people.

· Culture contributes to innovative solutions in the areas of health, social development, the environment, education and the economy.

Excel: Athletes, artists and organisations achieve excellence

Increasing the quality of cultural activities, inspires others to achieve more, means more recognition for participants and generates other benefits for New Zealand, enhancing communities, and contributing to the economy. Our aims are:

· New Zealand’s high performance sport system continues to develop more world-class infrastructure and delivers significant changes to the structure of our high performance system, including strengthening the role of High Performance Sport New Zealand.

· New Zealanders reach high levels of achievement when participating in cultural activities.

· New Zealand’s unique cultural activities gain recognition in both domestic and overseas arenas.

Updated on 23rd July 2015