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Minister's Foreword and Statement of Responsibility

Minister’s Foreword

I am pleased to introduce the Statement of Intent 2013 – 2016 for the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Manatū Taonga.

One of the privileges of this portfolio is seeing first-hand the positive impacts of arts, culture and heritage on the lives of New Zealanders. A recent initiative, Sistema Aotearoa, demonstrates how cultural experiences can unlock significant social and economic benefits for families and communities.

As we prepare for commemorations of the First World War, we are able to reflect on how events of the past have shaped our nation. The upcoming Centenary programme will be an opportunity not only to pay our respects to those who have served their country but also to enhance our understanding of a defining event in our history.

Government invests significantly in the cultural sector for both its cultural and broader outcomes. We also continue to look for ways to leverage that investment by encouraging cultural organisations to explore non-government sources of revenue such as philanthropic giving.

I am pleased with the rigorous approach we are taking to Government’s investment in arts, culture and heritage. It is encouraging also to see increasing coordination between organisations and initiatives within the cultural sector. The recently completed Review of the New Zealand Professional Orchestra Sector, for example, has shown how amore coordinated approach among orchestras is possible.

As the Responsible Minister for the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, I endorse the approach taken in this document. I look forward to working with the Ministry to ensure New Zealanders continue to benefit from a strong cultural sector in the years to come.


Hon Christopher Finlayson

Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage


Minister’s Statement of Responsibility

I am satisfied that the information on future operating intentions provided by my department in this Statement of Intent is in accordance with sections 38, 40 and 41 of the Public Finance Act 1989 and is consistent with the policies and performance expectations of the government.


Hon Christopher Finlayson

Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

Updated on 23rd July 2015