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Government Priorities

Government Priorities

Build a more productive and competitive economy

Employment in arts, culture and heritage alone forms around 6.9% of the workforce (in 2006 having grown from 5.9% in 1996) and evidence suggests it is continuing to grow. Another 50,000 New Zealanders work in sport and recreation.

Spending on cultural goods and services accounted for 3.6% of all household expenditure in 2006/07. This represents a higher spend, than on clothing and footwear, health care or passenger transport.

The Government funding stimulates activities and inspires both other investment and philanthropic giving in the cultural sector. The Ministry in particular is working on initiatives to drive up philanthropic giving, reviews of the screen sector and orchestra sectors, instigating the switch to digital television to free up the spectrum for higher value uses, and investing in seed funding for cultural initiatives which in turn provide economic benefits to New Zealand.

Deliver better public services

The Ministry continues to take steps to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Ministry and the funded agencies have already demonstrated through tools such as Benchmarking Administration and Support Services that we are operating at the lean end of the scale.

We are working with agencies throughout the sector, and across Government to identify areas for collaboration and possible shared services. There are a great number of areas where collaboration takes place, both in administration and support services, and in shared projects and outcomes.

This is set to increase in future, with a focus on identifying areas where further collaboration, including co-location will generate efficiencies or synergies.

Rebuild Christchurch

The Ministry has an important role to play in the Christchurch recovery, with the provision of cultural and sporting opportunities as a key component of the recovery strategy. Cultural activities are an integral part of life in greater Christchurch and part of the region’s identify. The aim is to renew Christchurch’s unique identity and its vitality expressed through sport, recreation, art, history, heritage and traditions.

The cultural recovery of greater Christchurch is vital for a functioning and liveable city. There are opportunities to consider cultural, sporting and recreational requirements as a whole. We will work together to identify community needs and, where appropriate, consider facilities that offer a range of cultural activities. New opportunities will be sought so cultural activities contribute to community wellbeing and economic growth.

Updated on 23rd July 2015