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Introduction to Manatū Taonga and this Statement of Intent

Introduction to Manatū Taonga and this Statement of Intent

The cultural sector

New Zealand’s cultural sector is diverse, touching many areas of our lives. It can involve people in their own communities coming together to explore family history, play sport, or participate in a local festival, as well as public and private institutions that engage New Zealanders and visitors, and showcase our arts and our sports to New Zealanders and the world.

The Government makes a significant contribution to the broad cultural sector each year. In 2012/13, it is investing $380 million in arts, culture and heritage, media, and sport and recreation through Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage and Vote Sport and Recreation.  Additional government support is provided through a range of other portfolios and Votes.

Nature and scope of Manatū Taonga’s operations

Manatū Taonga / Ministry for Culture and Heritage (the Ministry) is the Government’s leading advisor oncultural matters; funds, monitors and supports a range of cultural agencies; and delivers a range of high quality cultural products and services.

The Ministry provides advice to the New Zealand Government on where to focus its interventions in the cultural sector. The Ministry seeks to ensure that Vote funding is invested as effectively and efficiently as possible, and that the Government’s priorities are met.

The Ministry is responsible to and supports the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage; the Minister of Broadcasting; and the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

Appendix 4 shows the Acts of Parliament and Regulations administered by the Ministry.

How we use the word “culture”              

This Statement of Intent uses the word “culture” in a broad way to include Māori culture and the cultures of all New Zealanders. When we refer to culture we see it as including arts, heritage, the media, and sport and recreation.

What we include in the “cultural sector” and “funded agencies”

When this Statement of Intent refers to the “cultural sector” we are referring to the full range of publicly-funded organisations and individuals, commercial entities and private providers. “Funded agencies” refers only to those agencies funded directly through the Ministry under Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage and Vote Sport and Recreation.


Updated on 23rd July 2015