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Part 2 How Manatū Taonga’s work will contribute to cultural sector outcomes

Part 2 How Manatū Taonga’s work will contribute to cultural sector outcomes

Part 2 of this Statement of Intent presents Manatū Taonga’s plans for 2011–14, showing the impacts of our work on the sector outcomes and how we are going to assess our performance.

Nature and scope of Manatū Taonga’s operations

Manatū Taonga / Ministry for Culture and Heritage provides advice to the New Zealand Government on cultural matters; funds and monitors a range of cultural agencies; and delivers a number of cultural products and services.

The Ministry is responsible to and supports the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage; the Minister of Broadcasting; and the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

The funding we administer and the cost of our operations

 Appendix 2 shows the Acts of Parliament and Regulations administered by the Ministry.

Our strategic direction 2011–2014: Helping to achieve cultural sector outcomes

The Ministry is uniquely placed within the cultural sector to have an overview of the full range of sector activities and issues, and to inform thinking, within government and the sector, on how culture contributes to the Government’s goals.

The Ministry also has a strong track record of delivering high-quality publications (including websites), managing our significant heritage, and acting as guardian of New Zealand’s culture.

The Ministry contributes to cultural sector outcomes by:

· providing leadership within the sector and working with government departments, Crown entities, non-government organisations, local government and the commercial sector to respond to changing environments, including the growth of Auckland and the recovery from the Canterbury earthquakes

· building a better coordinated cultural sector that produces exciting and diverse cultural experiences

· preserving New Zealand’s culture and heritage by providing effective heritage protection services

· providing historical and cultural information that engages New Zealanders and international audiences, using a range of media

· building departmental capacity and partnering to enhance the contribution Māori make to the sector

· sustaining the performance and financial strength of key cultural sector agencies

· improving our ability to demonstrate the social and economic benefits of culture, broadcasting and sports.

The following tables show how we see Manatū Taonga’s work connecting to the sector outcomes and how we will assess our impact and performance in each output area.

Updated on 23rd July 2015