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Outcomes for the cultural sector

Outcomes for the cultural sector

The Government and the Ministry have defined the outcomes that the Ministry and the wider sector are working towards, and indicators that will enable us to measure progress in achieving those outcomes:

· Government goal –“New Zealand’s distinctive culture enriches our lives”.

· Desired outcomes –The Ministry has identified three broad desired outcomes for the cultural sector that support the Government’s goal.

· Specific impacts – For each of those three broad outcomes, the Ministry has identified several specific results – or impacts – that will contribute to the particular outcome. These impacts are set out in the table on page 6.

· Indicators – The Ministry has also identified the key indicators that will tell us whether those specific impacts have been achieved. These indicators are set out in the tables beginning on page 7.

Outcome 1: Cultural activity flourishes in New Zealand (Create)

A flourishing creative sector provides new experiences and stories, presents high-quality productions, and produces work that is distinctively “New Zealand” and relevant to us. A financially viable artistic sector is essential, as it assists our emerging skilled creators to build and maintain careers. For many, this will mean international success is needed as well as success here in New Zealand.

Outcome 2: Our culture and heritage can be enjoyed by future generations (Preserve)

Our places, taonga and cultural content need to be collected, recorded and preserved, and New Zealanders need to have access to them. This means the sector must maintain – and preferably increase – its capacity to collect, protect and display. As well as adding to our heritage collections, we also want our tikanga and traditions to be developed and transmitted through active use.

Outcome 3: Engagement in cultural activities is increasing (Engage)

Increasing participation in and engagement means wider enjoyment of our culture not just by New Zealanders but also by international audiences. This in turn benefits the cultural sector, our wider community, and the New Zealand economy.

Updated on 23rd July 2015