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Key indictors

Key indicators

The following three tables set out the key indicators that will tell us whether the impacts that we’ve identified for the cultural sector have been achieved.

There is one table for each of the three desired outcomes that have been identified for the sector (see page 6 above).

The three sector outcomes and the supporting indicators contribute to an overall picture of the health and value of cultural activity in New Zealand. Some indicators stand alone, while some inter-relate with other indicators and need to be balanced against them (for instance, quantitative and qualitative indicators).

These indicators are a first attempt to collate this range of data across the cultural sector. In 2011–14, Manatū Taonga intends to improve its collection of timely and relevant data to assess the health of the sector and the impact that culture has on social, economic and educational objectives.

New data sources may also be developed, particularly where the information sought is considered important. Baseline data will be established for new indicators in 2011/12.

Indicators for impacts that contribute to Outcome 1: Cultural activity flourishes in New Zealand (Create)

Indicators for impacts that contribute to Outcome 2: Our culture and heritage can be enjoyed by future generations (Preserve)

Indicators for impacts that contribute to Outcome 3: Engagement in cultural activities is increasing (Engage)

Updated on 23rd July 2015