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Nature and scope of the Ministry's operations

Nature and scope of the Ministry’s operations

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage is responsible to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, the Minister of Broadcasting and the Minister for Sport and Recreation. Our role is to provide advice to Government for the cultural, broadcasting and sports sectors, to assure Ministers of the performance of funded organisations, to provide leadership to the cultural sector, and to deliver quality cultural products and services.

What we do

Our services (or “outputs”) include:

· policy advice to Government on funding, legislation and programmes

· producing high-quality history, heritage and reference products and services for New Zealanders, visitors and international audiences

· research, development, advice and advocacy for the cultural sector

· supporting the board appointment process, and developing governance and operational capability within the sector

· administering government funding and monitoring the performance of funded cultural organisations.

Who we work with

As well as Ministers and funded cultural organisations from the cultural sector, the Ministry works with central and local government organisations to achieve the cultural objectives of their policies, products or services. We collaborate with or advise organisations that have policies affecting the sector, and provide them with, for example, project leadership; this includes organisations such as Te Puni Kokiri, the Department of Conservation, Archives New Zealand, and the Ministry of Economic Development.

The funding we administer, and the cost of our operations

In 2010/11 the Ministry will administer total appropriations of:

· $295.118 million for Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage (which includes broadcasting)

· $64.147 million for Vote Sport and Recreation.

The cost of the Ministry’s operations in 2010/11 is:

· $6.129 million for Policy Advice and Monitoring of Funded Agencies

· $7.575 million for Heritage Services

· $2.090 million for the Cultural Diplomacy International Programme

· $98,000 for providing Purchase Advice and Monitoring of Sports and Recreation Crown Entities.

Updated on 23rd July 2015