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Strategic direction

Strategic Direction

The government recognises the significance of culture and cultural experiences to New Zealand and its people. Increased participation in such experiences benefits New Zealand socially and economically.

The government also recognises the need for value for money from its funding of the cultural sector, the need for good leadership in the sector, and the delivery of high quality cultural experiences.

The Ministry advises the government on the content of its programme of support for culture and identifies new opportunities for cultural activities. The Ministry’s role in support of the government’s outcomes and priorities is to help make culture visible and accessible.

The Ministry’s strategy 2009–2014 is the means by which the Ministry contributes to government priorities over the next five years, taking into account the changing operating environment.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage has set two medium-term goals to meet the requirements for the period 2009–2014.

Our Medium-term Goals (intermediate outcomes)

· the increased visibility and accessibility of culture and cultural activities

· well-governed, efficient and sustainable government-funded cultural organisations

Our Long-term Goals (long-term outcomes)

The Ministry and the cultural sector also contribute to long-term goals. The benefits and potential long-term outcomes from New Zealanders participating in culture are:

· New Zealanders valuing access and opportunities to participate in cultural experiences

· a cultural sector that is diverse, sustainable and contributing economically and socially

· an increased presence and profile of culture in New Zealand that also realises the potential of Māori

Our Work Programme

The Ministry’s work programme is made up of strategic initiatives and services funded through the four outputs shown in Our Strategy Map (see Figure One, page seven). The Ministry’s programme focuses on achieving value for money from the Ministry’s products and services and providing leadership to the sector through:

· measuring and communicating the benefits and the impact of investment in culture

· developing strong partnerships with other agencies to advance arts, culture and heritage goals

· ensuring the government’s investment in funded organisations represents value for money

· ensuring funded organisations deliver high quality services for New Zealanders

· providing more cultural content to audiences from our heritage products and services

· developing a competitive public broadcasting environment that delivers a greater range of cultural content to more audiences

· increasing the involvement of Māori in the Ministry and its products and services

Updated on 23rd July 2015